Want to put some va va voom into your life?
Because You Are Worth it!
Could I be mixing up adverts?

I am sure I am – However both have a message that regardless of product contain some good advice.

How many times have we “made do” or “put up” with something that could easily be dealt with, simply because we don’t feel we are worth it or because we have always put up with it.

A friend of mine posted a picture on social media a while ago, stating she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t used something beautiful before. It hadn’t crossed her mind to use something of beauty in every day life.

And there are lots of people out there who don’t use the beautiful glasses to drink out of, who don’t eat from the best china, who save things for “best”. But when is the best time to use them if it isn’t every day?

Surely you want joy and beauty in every day not just for best?

I was once gifted some beautiful wine glasses – they were “posh” ones with a lustre finish and very slim stems. I did what most people do. Used them on Christmas Day and then put them into the loft for “best”. (for best read Christmas Day when I ventured back into the loft)

Then, it occurred to me after around 6 visits to the loft. Why did I do that? Why did I put something of beauty, something that I enjoyed drinking out of away for 364 days of the year.

The next Christmas I didn’t put them up in the loft they stayed in the cupboard. In fact I actually donated my day time glasses to the charity shop and now I use the “posh” glasses every day. I use them for drinking wine, water, my morning orange juice, actually any beverage of my choice. Because I’m worth it.

I deserve to have a little bit of beauty every day in my life – As do you.

This is something we do as a matter of course –

There are many areas in life where we manage or put up with something maybe we haven’t even thought of it before. Denise Duffield Thomas the empowered woman behind Lucky Bitch advocates upgrading aspects of your life.

Grade the aspect’s of life likening it the travel system Economy, Business & First.

For example my wine glasses were economy class for 364 days of the year. When I made the choice to use my “posh” ones every day I therefore upgraded to my interpretation of  First Class.

The best bit about the process?

It didn’t cost a thing.

Obviously there will be area’s where a cost is involved but there will also be times like the glasses when there isn’t a cost.

I therefore challenge you to check out area’s of your life that you could upgrade to give you that Va Va Voom because You are Worth It.

Life Coach Sheffield

Make a list of the things you “put up with” or the upgrades you will do later. How about the stuff that you have gotten so used to seeing that it is now hidden in plain sight?

This could be the wonky toilet seat, a foundation that doesn’t feel right, underwear that is now faded and out of shape, clothes that no longer  bring  joy when you wear them.
Shoes that nip and hurt but they are only for best. Seriously? For best but they bring you pain?

Can you relate to this? We all have things that we “put up with”  Here is your  Worth it List.

Because you are worth it – you are a grown up – why shouldn’t you have things that bring you pleasure, make you feel a  little bit indulgent – make you smile when you wear them – or just offer that finishing touch to your home.  It doesn’t have to be reliant on financial investment either. When did you last have a long relaxing bath? Sit with a book and a glass of wine or your favourite tipple? Spend time alone or make time for friends? We deserve to do things and have things that are just for us.

By valuing our space, our thoughts and intentions you will start to feel better. Have a more vibrant environment and this in time will attract more towards you.
By working on each small area you will make huge advances in your self esteem and value in no  time at all.

Worth It Up Grade is simple to use.

Think about area’s in your life where you put up with things and make a note of what you put up with. Then in the last column put what would be your ideal because you are worth it.
For example in work it could be that you eat your lunch at your desk – But you are worth taking a walk and a proper break to refresh and revitalise. Home it could be that you put up with mismatched crockery but it really would be worth it to have a vintage set, or that bright IKEA collection that would make you smile every time you used it.

Download the worth it list – Because you are.


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