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I am excited to announce a new arm to my business.
All about thriving and living as an Empowered Woman. To live a life of authenticity, integrity and self-awareness.

Don’t get me wrong I want men to do that too – But just not with us!

So why exclude half the population? I hear you say.

Well simply because I am a woman and I work predominantly with women.

Most of all because I meet, hear of, and come across so many women who have an ingrained limiting belief that they come way down the pecking order in their life.

Behind kids, partners, colleagues, pets and a whole number of other things that are flying through the air as the balls are juggled.

Women compare themselves to others ALL the TIME too big, too thin, not pretty, too pretty, hair, clothes, not good enough, not talented enough, not strong enough.

Just not…. enough!

But we are ALL good enough we truly are we may want to be better, we may not but we all deserve to believe that we are enough and we can be, do and give enough all of the time.

The list and the insecurities go on and on.

Did you see Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the Grammy’s?. She spoke about being a woman and encouraging other women to do their thing regardless.

Exactly that is what women and everyone else should do.


I could set up Empowered Women just for business women, in all honesty that is the group that I work with at the moment .

BUT I don’t want to

I want to ALL WOMEN to have the opportunity to empower their lives.

To be comfortable in their own skin. Regardless of what shape that skin is in

All women

Be they stay at home mums, working mums, single girls, widows, divorcees, gay, straight, religious or not.
Any woman is welcome.
There will be no judgement, it will be a safe secure virtual environment for women to connect with themselves, empower their lives and that will of course have a positive impact on those around them.

If an individual is empowered they are more effective in everything they do.

Be it nurturing a child, holding a board meeting, setting up a business or dealing with health issues.

But its not about men bashing and moaning about inequality at all.

It is about accepting the differences between the sexes, fair or not – It is about being the best version of yourself regardless of what is going on in the world.

In my mind an empowered woman is a woman who has the courage to be authentically themselves. If they want to wear a hijab  they do if they want to wear a bikini at 21 or 71  they do. If they want to live with the same partner for life they do –If they want to be on their own they are.

My nannan was widowed when her 5th child was a few months old. She buried her husband on Christmas Eve he died as a result of side effects from the first world war.

She raised her children to be resilient, strong individuals with humour, compassion and grace. She was a formidable woman who was the matriarch of our family truly empowered. Raising a family on her own – keeping her children together during such trying times.  Almost unheard of in that day and age with no social service or interventions to help situations like that.

Harriet Emma Priest or T’emm  as her family knew her, was an empowered woman in my book and a great influence in my life. (although I think she would have something to say about all the talking about your feelings stuff!)



I need to know what you think an empowered woman is.

The reason I want your opinions?  I am taking part in a 30 day blogging challenge – created by the empowered Sarah Arrow of sark e media.

Sarah says I have to get substance and filling in my blogs (in anything really) Imagine its a tuna sandwich. I have to make you a fab tuna sandwich the best you have ever tasted, rather than a bland one with soggy edges and not much filling. You really need to check the blogging challenge out if you want to create your own tuna sandwiches.

So I guess I am asking you to help me fill my sandwiches up with the most satisfying ingredients, your opinions.
Please take a few moments to answer the two questions on my survey I will collate the answers and share the results on here, using it as a basis for my work.

Complete the Survey

Tell us all about it

I am looking forward to sharing the results with you.

The group will be launched in due course.

But prior to the launch I will be blogging under the Empowered Woman tag, there will be interviews, recordings and vlogs too.

Are you looking forward to the evolution of the empowered woman?
I do hope so – help me spread the word and share with other women who may want to join the journey.


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