I like Driving in my Car.

It’s not quite a Jaguar.

Go on admit it, If you are of a certain age you are singing along aren’t you?

People will often ask What is a Life Coach?

 Coach Mentor Therapist

I don’t just like driving I actually love driving.  I always count passing my driving test as one of my biggest achievements in life. It enables me to get around not just from A-B.

It has helped me to see some beautiful sights go on some wonderful adventures and meet some amazing people.

I’ve also had some pretty horrific journeys too but then again who hasn’t?

When people ask me what is a life coach and what it involves,  I can also use the analogy of being in a car and driving.

Imagine you are sat in a car, any car. But if you are imagining – hey sit yourself in your dream car. Why not!


Are you there sat in your dream car?

Take a look around…

You notice in the car there is a rear view mirror. – For looking behind at where you have been and how you got there.

There are the wing mirrors and side windows – For checking on progress and measurement against peers.

You also have a huge wind screen, to see where you are going and to focus on there here and now. – This is exciting!

That is where my area of concern is as a coach.

Helping clients to focus on the journey. The here and now and enjoying the journey.

Here I am in my car explaining the process.


Let me know what you think to the analogy.

 Want to know more? Lets grab that coffee.

We could skype too and have a virtual coffee!




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