Life Coach Sheffield Enjoying  a family walk this evening.

I noticed that something wasn’t quite the norm, everything seemed the same. The kids were playing in the play park, the dog was sat quietly by my side her tail wagging at the speed of light as usual. Waiting patiently for any crumbs. People were walking around holding phones looking for pokemon’s.




I was pondering what to blog about today as part of my  empowered woman series as I knew what I wanted to say but wasn’t feeling the flow of that topic. So it wouldn’t come across as authentic and unique.

Something wasn’t quite the norm…


We live in our comfort zone. Going about our daily life without much thought for the mundane that we take for granted.I want to encourage people to move away from that to try new things to live and enjoy the moment to see differences around them and to notice and embrace serendipity when it occurs.

I encourage women to make changes in their life.


Something wasn’t quite the norm.

It made me a little uneasy, It felt a little bit strange.

So what should I do?

Do I embrace this change?

Do I complain as it isn’t what I am used to?

I decided to step a little bit out of my comfort zone.

I decided to look for the message and it soon became obvious.


Life Coach Sheffield

Living from the Inside Out – It looked different – But tasted Good.

The message from the waffle cone?
Live as your authentic self. From the inside out. Step out of your comfort zone. Be a little bit different.
If you are on the right track life will be sweeter than before. 


Try something different – Step out of your comfort zone – Explore new tastes – Embrace the difference –

Live from the inside out. Need Help? Contact me for Inside out Coaching.


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