Lent Commences on Ash Wednesday 26h February.

A period of time in the Christian calendar that represents giving something up and going without, traditionally fasting or abstaining from something that generally gives an individual pleasure. Not usually a time relating to a positive mind-set although a period for building resilience during the 40 days of Lent.

Non or indeed lapsed Christians will often jump in on the act from a “selfish” point of view in the hope that abstaining from a certain food group chocolate (guilty as charged) carbs and cigarettes or the like will give a kick start and a feeling of well-being. Those 40 days can make a difference to the waistlines and the lungs of many.

According to the Catholic Encyclopaedia,

“The real aim of Lent is, above all else, to prepare men for the celebration of the death and Resurrection of Christ…the better the preparation the more effective the celebration will be.
One can effectively relive the mystery only with purified mind and heart.”

Will you join my lent challenge Twang your Band Challenge?

40 days can change your mind-set and you will benefit in ways far more beneficial than those who lose a few pound or inches. As often they return once the Easter bunny has delivered her eggs. (once again guilty as charged)

Join the Twang your Band Challenge  – All In and ready for it.
“No Pain No Gain”

Pop to that drawer, you know the one where the “Stuff” gets put. The pens, the note books, the things that will come in handy “one day”
Reach right to the back and pull out an elastic band. Yep – an elastic band. Now if there isn’t one in the “stuff” drawer ask a tween or teenage girl for a hair band and they will oblige I am sure.

Pop the band on your non-dominant wrist and there it will stay for the next 40 days. Yes! 40 days be prepared for any questions unless you of course have long hair then there will no questions at all. The hipsters are fine with their man buns but there could be a question or two in the board room.

Be prepared with your response. “My band yes it is my Power Band the Band of Positivity”

Wear your Band of Positive with Pride.

Rules for the Lent 2020 Twang Your Band Challenge.

  • Place your band on your non-dominant wrist.
  • With your dominant hand twang the band.
  • Now did it sting a little?
  • No? Do it again harder
  • That is why you are using your dominant hand for the twanging it has to be felt.
  • Did you feel it?
  • Excellent!

That is the exercise every time you have a negative thought.

Twang your Band.

Feel the discomfort – Then think the opposite to your negative thought.

We all have something that we berate ourselves about on a regular basis. Or we maybe just a glass half full person.

This repetition and the exercise may seem challenging at first but as the days and indeed weeks go by you will find you are not relying on Twanging your Band as often as you start to make that shift into a more positive mind-set and outlook on life.

Go on try it for 40 Days Click the Button and Upload your Band Photographs onto my page.
Who is in?
Twang Band Here.

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