We’ve all been there right?

You notice the empty seat next to your seat. At first it doesn’t register

Sat in anticipation awaiting your child’s performance it’s the end of term school play.
Mum’s Dad’s Gran’s and Aunties, straining to get the best view of their little poppet. Curtains rise and the audience hushes in expectation. The music begins and the lights dim. The excitement is palpable who will get the first ohh’s and ahh’s?

You notice the empty seat next to your seat. At first it doesn’t register.

The performance begins and everything is going well. Then it’s your kids turn You strain to see.

You notice the empty seat next to your seat. 

Then it registers.

They did What in the School Play?

Your Youngest has weaved their way towards the stage.”that’s my sister, that’s my sister”

It has registered But you can’t get there – well not quick enough to stop the mayhem that ensues.

We’ve all been there right?

Actually I haven’t,

It’s the school play scene from the Film Parenthood.

It’s that time of year again.

They did what in the school play

So many changes as our children do exactly as they are meant to do.

Grow up – Not too quick – Not too slow- They grow exactly as they are meant to do.

New friendships -New adventures -New beginnings.

What do we do?

Fret – Worry – Stress-  Miss some of their journey.

What? – How? – Why? – I know!

We miss the journey of the milestones.

Well we don’t actually miss it – but we aren’t there fully present enjoying and sharing the moment.

Let that digest a moment. Our Children Grow Up and We Miss It.

We are there, but not there.

It is probably down to social media and our frenzy to record every moment to savour and share. To show our life through the filter of happiness. The happy family event. The #proudparent moments. The times we will not get back.

The desire to save and share, Is it a plight of that moment? Preventing the parent being “in” the moment. From having that moment etched on their heart.

If we are always behind the lens, a clear barrier filters the moment and detaches us from the situation.

I have been to weddings, to concerts, to school plays and sports days. I have witnessed so many #proudparents, as they view the whole spectacle through the lens. Moving and bending to get the perfect view and the most pleasing angle.

The Focus is on one part rather than the whole spectacular event that is before them.

Like Steve Martin in the Film.

Put down the camera – soak in the emotion – enjoy the ride – It won’t be repeated – Live in that moment.

My daughter is moving to Junior school in September. An emotional time for us all, transition causes anxiety and makes her fretful. She has auditioned to sing the last line from the Sound of Music’s “So Long Farewell”

For some reason she sings it with an American accent and I can’t wait to see her. They were worried about her singing a solo. Is it a solo when it is only one line?

“The sun has gone to BED (overemphasises Bed wonderfully in an american accent) and so must I”

It was discussed with her teachers and I know it will be great for her confidence and her way of saying I am grown up enough to be with my peers in Juniors.

She got through the audition. This is huge!

Our girl who has trouble with change, anxiety and is way behind her peers in all things academic. She wants to share her love for her primary school and sing it out loud!

It is her time to recognise that she has spent the past three years learning, growing and becoming herself thanks to that school and now she is going to sing a solo. (albeit one line)

I am not going to record it on video. I will take a photo afterwards. I won’t take a photo during. My husband probably will. I won’t.

I want to see that moment through the filter of tears, pride and emotion rather than the filter of a lens. I want that moment engraved on my heart forever, rather than hanging about on a cloud somewhere for eternity.

So if you are a parent and you have milestones coming up. Step away from the lens for the important moments, let those moment’s be engraved in your heart too.

In agreement or do you embrace the filter of the lens for future prosperity?

I welcome your comments below.





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