It’s been a while since I blogged a combination of reasons one being the launch of my book Seven Steps to Self Empowerment.
A book that allows you to journal, reflect and renew on your journey to self and empowerment.
This is the preview which tells you about how I got to be where I am today and why it is so important to me to help people find their way to self and empowerment.

Empowerment books

Always a Chaser

I remember being a chaser.
Like a puppy chasing the latest toy that people threw. Excited to chase it and then when I caught it another toy would be thrown and I would be in a dilemma. Which toy to chase? Which shiny object would give the most pleasure? Which path would be the one holding all the answers?

At school my teacher said I couldn’t do the beauty course I wanted. She said it was because I bit my nails and had acne. So I went for fashion design and left after a term. It just wasn’t for me.

Thankfully my parents were very supportive and non-judgmental. If I wasn’t happy I should do something about it. So I did. I looked for the next shiny object to chase. I joined the Civil Service – Job for life! But it wasn’t very bright and shiny. I grew up during my time in the Civil Service from a spotty teen to a young woman who knew she could make a difference to those around her. I loved my time there, well most of the time; the social aspect was awesome for a quiet college drop-out.  But still there were shiny things to chase; I knew I wouldn’t be in that job for life.

I started to study part time at college and completing two years of beauty therapy training. After I qualified I started my own mobile beauty business, whilst still working in the Civil Service.

Not Good Enough.

You see, I didn’t think I was good enough to work in a salon with all the other therapists with their flawless skin and manicured hands. Neither did I think I could earn a living from being fully mobile. My clients were happy.  I undersold myself and barely charged to cover my expenses let alone make a living.  This I was later to discover was due to having low self-worth and not following my true potential.

This is where my foray into the business world started and I would carry out mobile beauty therapy in and around South Yorkshire, around my full time job.

Time for another shiny object?

I decided to become a franchisee for a slimming company and built a business helping women and men lose weight and change their mind-set about the foods they consumed. This helped to change the weight and body shape of many members not to mention their lives.  I soon realised it wasn’t helping everyone. Many of them didn’t get to the underlying reason of their unhealthy habits and weight issues. They still battled with their weight as they didn’t value themselves enough to find out why they were overeating, using excuse after excuse to reason why they didn’t have time to diet or make healthy foods.

Can you see a pattern?
Always a helper, that’s me.

My customers within the Civil Service were vulnerable young adults and lone parents. My beauty therapy clients wanted a boost and to feel better about themselves or to heal. The clients who came to the diet club wanted answers and a way out of the misery they stored inside their bodies.

Then something happened that changed me and helped me realise my potential I could make a difference in peoples’ lives.  I joined a make-up company as a consultant; I invested in a kit and started to sell the products through home parties and my mobile beauty work.

WOW that was an experience and if the Civil Service helped me to grow up the direct sales industry helped me to mature. (But not too much)
I built a team of over 200 women and helped them to develop as individuals, grow as business women by creating their own independent businesses. We had a ball but I still had a feeling that there was more for me so I looked for more shiny objects to chase.

This time there were objects I wanted to chase and it was my story, I had shifted onto my path. I knew I wanted to help people change their lives and grow into their own being, rather than chasing those shiny objects.

Shifting onto my true path of Empowerment.

I trained as a life coach with the prestigious Coaching Academy and qualified with a distinction in Personal Development Life Coaching and Advanced Coaching. I enhanced my therapy skills being attuned to Reiki. Becoming a Reiki Master Teacher proved to be a shift in my life. Combining the reiki energy and my skills as a coach along with the enthusiasm and passion I had built during my time in the business. I began to help others step onto their path Using the  skills I have developed over the years to help people find themselves and enhance their life path.

I continue to grow and develop myself personally to enhance both my business and myself.

Now I run, jump, dance and skip along my life path. I love that I have developed my skills and personality to show my truth. I live from the inside out with authenticity.

That is what I do; I help people to make the shift from being influenced from the outside to helping them recognise their skills, passions an personal truth. They  enjoy being the person they are destined to be living with self empowerment.

My clients live life from a place of true authenticity.
They live from the inside out.
They move away from feelings of lack.
They no longer feel inadequate, judged and not worthy.
They value themselves.
They live in abundance in mind body and soul.
They love themselves.
They accept themselves.
They understand themselves, warts and all.
They live a life of acceptance and compassion for themselves and others.
They are empowered.
Empowered to be exactly what and how they want to be

When I work with my clients we focus on how they are and who they are. Not what they are, no labels no tags. Not just mind-set. We work on the whole kit and caboodle of mind body and soul.

Wonderful, isn’t it?

I am aware that these are words (some of them are buzz words too.) So the proof is in the pudding.
It is so much more than mind-set and it is so much more exciting than chasing shiny objects.
Is it time for you to live from the inside out?
Time to stop chasing and live?

Have you stepped onto you life path? Tell me about your journey in the comments below.

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