How High can you Fly in Business

How High can you Fly in Business

Can Mum’s Succeed in Business?

Yesterday I spoke about the difference between a coach and a mentor mainly speaking about Direct Sales and MLM (multi level marketing) MLM and Direct Sales are fantastic ways of making a little bit of spending money or building a very substantial income. Both require work and both require a formula or method to be followed. – Why reinvent the wheel?

Many people are inspired to join a business and work from home. They receive training, mentoring and are shown the “ropes” by their up-line, team mates and buddies. These types of businesses suit people  who. testimonial

  • Want to earn an extra income alongside their regular job.
  • Want to build a substantial income and business without much outlay.
  • Want to work from home whilst raising a family.
  • Want flexibility in their life and to create a lifestyle.
  • Want recognition for their efforts.

These businesses are very suitable for mums who want an income or to build a better life for their family. Many women join the businesses in their droves. They are all given the same opportunity, the same information and the same system.
Some will succeed some will fail.

The reason for the successes and the reason for the failures?

It is all down to limiting beliefs, mindset, confidence and very often blocks that need opening up acknowledging and dealing with.

I have worked with many women who have run businesses from home around the kids and school run. So how can a coach help you succeed in this business rather than your mentor who is directly involved in the business?

A coach will help you understand your blocks.

Many women who start a business from home may have feelings of.

  • Uncertainty
  • Low Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Blocks around money
  • Undeserving of acknowledgement and praise.
  • Fear of success
  • Fear of failure.

There are many underlying reasons as to why one woman will succeed in the business and another will fail. They both have the same opportunity, it simply relates to Limiting beliefs. The one who doesn’t do so well is the one with the beliefs that do not support their desires.

I know what it is like to build a business around your family
I know what it is like to build a business around your family


Mums in business have to deal with

  • Family
  • Guilt
  • Money blocks
  • Other Job
  • Constraints Time/ Family / Partners
  • Family members / friends who do not take their business seriously
  • Appointments
  • Time management and much more.

My clients have the opportunity to build their business at their own pace, developing and growing personally, removing blocks and limiting beliefs whilst growing their business organically. I know about the environment of direct sales and MLM. I love the arena and all it has to offer. But I am not aligned to any particular business so am completely neutral and have no vested interest in the business I just want progression and success for my clients using their definition.

Nicola an internet entrepreneur and artist says of me.

You are a lovely lady, positive, inspirational, motivated, helpful and kind, you truly want to make everyone a happier, self possessed individual who is proud and pleased to be themselves

My aim is to help women in the business environment get to where they want to be in the time they want to be there using ethical, authentic methods to grow their business. As this will in turn benefit them as individuals and business women.

Are you a mum working in direct sales or MLM?

Do you know the system works and truly believe in the products or service that the business provides? Is there “something” stopping you from the success you feel you deserve of desire? Why not pull up a chair and have a chat with me? I offer a complimentary skype session and maybe we can discover the  “something” that is holding you back.

Click the button let’s talk.

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