Go with the flow of your life

Go with the flow of your life

Go with the Flow

You may not hear many coaches / self development experts advising that you go with the flow. But this is something I advise my clients to do.
I am not saying sit in your home watching daytime TV or go through the motions at work. And I am not saying go with the flow of others, following the crowd and not making the impression on the world that is your birth right.

Embrace the flow of your life, your personal flow.

As a coach I often encourage people to do something different (link) but this encouragement is to encourage them to speed up the flow of their life. It is not about going against what they want to do.

Have you ever seen the film parenthood? It’s an old film (1989) with Steve Martin as a stressed out Dad with an extended family. The film goes with the flow of his life and in the closing scene he gets it. He gets that it is better to go with the flow of his life rather than stress about it and fight against it.

Acceptance is a big part of the flow of life. Accept that sometimes there will be stagnant times when you feel under the weather and need to regroup take stock and keep still for a while.

Others you will be a babbling brook with lots of activity and emotions swirling around, lots of small undercurrents and you know things are going to get bigger and better.

There will be times when you have to step up a gear and make some waves to move forward, Get that promotion, change direction and speed off to bigger better things.

When faced with challenging times. If situations are proving difficult tune into your flow. Are you going against the flow? Are you trying to swim upstream going against your values and that is why it is becoming such hard work?

Check your inner guidance system and decide if you are indeed going with the flow or going against the tide.

Sometimes you have to trust

Sometimes you have to trust

I’m not saying it is always going to be easy. Have you seen white water rafting? Heading into turbulent waters, directing your path through dangerous currents. You will need full focus, inner strength and determination to ensure your path to the calmer waters is safe. You have to negotiate strong currents, with determination, strength and resilience.

Look at your life as the path of a river. Starting off as a tiny stream at the top of a mountain, finding its way and its path meeting up with others and working together, growing and gaining strength. Sometimes stagnant and no movement can be detected, but there is always an undercurrent that is making waves.

Sometimes you have to trust and freefall like a waterfall. You do not know the final destination but you have to take that leap into the unknown – it is the flow you have to follow.

Sometimes things are so frantic, unsure if you can keep the pace and keep afloat but these white-water times are where the big learnings and development is.

So next time you find yourself being swept away or fighting the tide. Check your inner compass and make sure you are following your true flow.

Do you fight the natural flow of your life? Or are you feeling stagnant? Want to discuss embracing the currents
lets have a chat.

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