The Secret of Gratitude

Most of you will be familiar with or at least heard of The Secret.
The Secret is the Worldwide phenomenon that Rhonda Byrne launched in 2006. It is all about  the universal Law of Attraction. What you think about you bring about using visualisation hope and desire.

The Secret of GratitudeI have read the book a few times,  seen the film countless times and have read copious other accounts into The Law of Attraction.
However I was always one of those that it sort of worked for, but it just didn’t fit right with me personally.  Just put it out there – forget it and let the universe take care of it
If you feel it, if you know you will get it and if you can then “let it go” to quote the lovely Elsa.

But and there is always a BUT. I wasn’t feeling it and wasn’t able to let it go. Something wasn’t clicking.

Then I found “It” I found my secret to what was missing from my secret.  The real secret to living an abundant life isn’t the law of attraction although they do work hand in hand and interact.

The Secret is Gratitude.

Remember how your parents used to say “You should be thankful for what you have”  or “count your blessing”
That is very true and I can prove it to you.

The secret of empowerment is gratitude

Count your Blessings Daily

For over a year now I have run a group called Empowered Magic. Empowering your life with gratitude.  The subject matter from the book The Magic.

Empowered Magic was initially set up to  test the power of showing gratitude.
Does it enhance the law of attraction?
Does it have a positive impact on life in general?
I believe it does and so do members of the group.

Showing gratitude and having a positive attitude doesn’t make everything hunky dory all the time stuff happens. Job Losses, bereavement, Illness, lottery win, or promotion.


Stuff – it happens.

Having an attitude of gratitude does have an impact on how we deal with stuff.

Things not going  well – OK but What is going right? What are you grateful for right here right now? Just crank-up the Gratitude meter and the stuff that would have perhaps in the past knocked us straight off our feet heading towards the Cookie dough ice-cream and Chocolate Hobnobs maybe doesn’t have such a dramatic effect on us and we can handle it. Above all accept it for what it is – part of life.

Does it work?
Yes and I am proof.

For the last three years I have been caring for my elderly parents along with my children and living with my husband who has anxiety and depression. It’s not been an easy ride. My Mother sadly died at the end of August last year and I have used gratitude with my grief. Now if you have lost someone close to you grief is an emotion you never know when it is going to jump up and slap you across the face like a wet kipper. I experienced grief that I was not prepared for. I thought I had done my grieving when we lost her to dementia, but no.
So how did I deal with it? I carried on with my gratitude journal,  even in the depths of despair I was grateful for the other stuff that was going on around me. My children were fit and healthy;  Dad was coping better than expected. I had the support of my siblings and wonderful husband. I still had my own health and the outlet of my personal blog.  Using gratitude in my darkest hours helped me to deal, cope and get up in the morning. Secret of Gratitude

Gratitude the foundation for massive change in life and lifestyle too.
Here are a few words from Lisa of The Empowered Magic Group with a little of her story.

A year ago my life sucked. I had been made redundant, then was in a job I hated, I was obese, I was suffering from severe anxiety and depression, I had agoraphobia, had no direction in life and was seriously considering ending it all. My mum had died, I’d got divorced, I dumped my partner and fell out with my best friend of over 20 years.

Then Elaine popped up and asked if I wanted to have a go at Empowered Magic. I sat and cried….

I felt I didn’t deserve anything good but I kept on writing. Despite my lack of motivation I turned a corner and slowly but surely my health started to improve. I continued to give thanks… to the postman, to online banking, daytime TV, the bin men, the cats, the weather, in fact everything in my small little world at that time… I think I was too ill at first to notice the subtle changes that were beginning to creep up on me..

I gave thanks for the strength it would take to help me lose weight, I’ve lost 3 stone from being grateful, I gave thanks for the strength that helped me overcome my mental health issues and my mind is now positive and healthy and my life is mine to create a bright future. I appreciate all that I have as I have everything I ever wanted. My manifestation skills are amazing

 This is just a small excerpt from Lisa’s story she has kindly given me permission to share and I am sure she will guest on the page with her full story soon.

In conclusion the Secret of Gratitude can enhance improve and magically transform lives. Try it you will see.

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