A Different View point is often the anser

A Different View point is often the answer

The Really simple way to get more

  • Happiness
  • Success
  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Opportunities

What if you could change your mind-set, your thought processes, your relationships, your self -esteem, your confidence and much much more?

To get much much more

What if What if

Of course you can!

If you are anything like me and spend a huge amount of time on social media you will see your newsfeed bursting with inspirations and motivational talks.

You will no doubt nod your head and agree with most if not all of them.

Is your glass

Half empty?
Half Full?
You are delighted you have a glass!
You are concerned about the extra washing up said glass is going to generate!

I find that in all honesty most people are a bit of each at some time in their life and I am all for keeping it real.

It doesn’t matter which category you fall into and how long you are in each category for, because this empowerment will help you to get more. Enjoyment, Satisfaction, Abundance (love, finances, luck what ever your interpretation is of abundance)

I have felt the Blah, I have been on top of the world and I have spent an awful lot of time in-between.

How did things change for me permanently?

In January of this year I launched and lead a secret group on Facebook , A hugely popular social network you may have heard about. (Oh sorry I’ll take my tongue out of my cheek now)

Members of the group all agreed to follow the plan I would post each day.
They agreed to

  • Commit to 10-15 minutes reading and processing time each day.
  • They would carry out the activities as and when required.
  • They would all treat the group as a supportive safe environment.
  • They would be true to themselves.

The result of the month long activity?

The group is still going strong.

Those that checked in and completed the activities are still very active within the group and their lives have been enhanced by.

  • Increased confidence and self esteem
  • Better relationships
  • Financial benefits
  • Job Opportunities
  • Less Stress
  • Happier Disposition


Here is a quote from one of the empowered ladies in the group.

I am so grateful for the amazing people that I have been introduced to through my business.
It is amazing what a change in mindset can do. Exciting times


It’s not just about seeing a positive or inspirational quote, if it were we would all be hugely successful living the life of our dreams and have no desire for change and then horror of horrors the inspirational quote people would be out of business. And that would be a real shame as I like them.

But there is a way of enhancing your life, there is a way of making small but magnificent changes, there is a way of it just being better.

So watch this space because there really is a simple way of getting more. And I am going to share it with you wonderful people.

If you want to know more remember to check in daily with me as there will be some more information tomorrow. Then I am launching a brand new course on this blog just for you. Because that’s the sort of girl I am.

Remember to follow this blog, bookmark it and connect with me for full updates. If you know of someone who would benefit from More then please be a good egg and send this post onto them so they can join in the fun.
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