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The Real Me

You have been reading about the Lockdown Lifecoach and her adventures in a locked-down house during the Corona Crisis.
I thought now was perhaps a good time to share how she got to become a Life Coach, a speaker and an Author.

That girl from the council estate who was always up for a laugh, but also shy and unsure of what people thought of her and if they really liked her or understood her. She always felt small and insignificant. Yes, insignificant was an excellent adjective to describe her.

Over To Me

I used to drive around the streets of South Yorkshire applying makeup on women and some men. They said I made them feel and look amazing. And I did I loved my job. I was an area manager for a skincare and Cosmetics Company and I had won the trips, the designer handbags and so much more. Once of my proudest moment was taking delivery of a brand new car and a wonderful trip to Dubai.

I had trained in beauty therapy whilst working full time in the civil service. I had always wanted to be a beauty therapist right from being at school. I have no idea why I was never a girly girl.
I loved football and lived my life in Jeans and T-shirts. I remember Mrs Henderson telling me I couldn’t be a beauty therapist as I bit my nails had acne and besides that, they hoped I would go onto study A levels and be the first out of my family to attend university. I was devastated when Mrs Henderson squashed my hopes and dreams like that I wanted to help people and make them feel and look amazing. My primary school motto was Ich Dein and that meant “I serve” I do believe that is ingrained in my belief system from primary school. I am a helper and supporter and cheerleader I always have been.

Back to driving around the streets of South Yorkshire.

Deep down I knew that once that makeup had worn off or removed they would revert to the feelings they had before the killer lipstick was applied.
Now we all know a killer lipstick can be a game-changer but I knew that the outside in many cases wasn’t a reflection of what was going on inside.
The outside showed a confident beautiful persona, but deep down there were feelings of inadequacy, worthlessness and not being good enough!

I knew the people I applied makeup to felt that way because you see, I did too.
I knew what was showing on the outside didn’t correlate with the inside feelings. I was a girl brought up on a rough council estate, with little money and a huge family. I had nothing to compare with. All my friends were the same. They didn’t have five siblings as I did but we were all brought up in a deprived area. Not much to go around except an abundance of love.

I didn’t mind, it was what I knew and I loved my life as a child.

That changed when I went to comprehensive school and the bullying started. Then at college, I didn’t fit in with the glamorous peer group I had rejected A Levels and decided to attend college for fashion design. I left college and went to work in an office. I liked it but felt trapped and needed more.

The Lifeline

Training to become a beauty therapist was life-changing but I still didn’t really fit in – it was more about me making people feel amazing than myself buying into all the glamour. “ich dein”
That is how when I joined a direct sales cosmetics company I knew when they looked in the mirror if they were not only happy with their “look” but also if they were, you know, happy with their life.

Many were not.

I knew because I recognised it and felt I didn’t fit in with my fellow managers and teammates. I always felt like the one that didn’t belong, the one who didn’t fit. I made some wonderful friends and many of them are still in my life. That time was life-changing and introduced me to personal development and coaching. But the niggle was there the whole time.


The Real Elaine Mitchell

Mrs Motivator

However, I was amazing with my team members showing them how to grow and develop their business and their confidence. I helped women learn how to pay for shortfalls in their family income, win trips, earn cars, and pay for family holidays or even a divorce. They said I was an inspiration, a great motivator and above all instilled a feeling of self-worth and confidence in them. “ich dein” I was in my element serving and seeing people grow and flourish.

This was my forte, I trained to become a Life Coach and combined that with becoming a Reiki Master and Bars facilitator. I have always been drawn to exploring what makes us tick, what makes us who we are and helping people discover their essence and flow in life.
Life shouldn’t be hard work, it should be laughter, fun and it should flow with magical abundance in whatever area of abundance you want to embrace.

Back To The Future….

Fast forward I hung up my kit bag a while ago.
Now I help women and some men, look inside, I help them discover their brilliance, their essence and the joy in their life. We work together on my Power of Three Program a personal growth and development program that uses the foundation of Gratitude, Acceptance and Detachment as a way to create flow and abundance in life.

It is a wonderful experience as I combine my coaching experience and energy work together to bring you a package that has you as the focal point.

When did you last pay yourself any attention? In three short months, your life is transformed. When it comes to looking in the mirror, with our without that killer lipstick your essence shines through. There is self-love, self-worth and inner confidence that is amazing and empowering.

How do I know it works?

It worked for me I walk my talk I now stand in my own power as an individual, I know my worth and I love myself unconditionally. I help my clients achieve the same results too.

Do you want to live in flow, Love what you see in the mirror and beyond?
Let’s talk

Book a half-hour empowerment call to see if The Power of Three is for you.

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