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It is a new Decade, Brexit has been and gone, The UK is feeling a little battered and bruised from the recent storms and now we await snow and ice.

We have been advised to stay indoors as trees are falling down, roads are flooding and property is damaged. The Coronavirus has travelled to the UK.

And Yet,
The world keeps on turning.

When a cancer patient has finished their treatment and receives the all clear they are given advice and support on moving forward, their life will never be the same. They have life changes that have affected them emotionally and physically a truly draining and often devastating period of their life. Life will never be the same again they have to find a new normal.

There are periods in our life when we too have the focus of our life changes and we have to find our new normal. It could be bereavement, change of job, redundancy, new location, divorce, illness or disability. There are many factors that mean we have to find and indeed embrace that New Normal.

Sometimes it comes in the form of a collective tragedy. Think Princess Diana, The London bombings and 911 The number of people affected from a distance who evaluated their life and make changes was astounding. A wake up call for the nation.

I recently took four moths out from my work to be with my lovely Dad caring for him before he passed away, then taking some time afterwards to get to know my new normal. You see I had always ran my business around caring for Dad spending hours with him in the daytime and then working unsociable hours on my business fitting it in around my caring and family responsibilities. After Dad passed away I realised I had time that I could dedicate to my business.

A decade of working my business around my ageing parents.
I had to find the reason for my work and business.
A New Normal was here – I had to make some choices.
How was I going to progress?

Tools and Techniques I used.

I used the following tools and techniques to help me through the process of grief and stepping into the allowance and flow of my life at the moment.


Decluttering and organising “stuff” . From my in-box, desktop and files on my laptop to my personal and business surroundings. Sending lots of things that no longer serve to charity, upcycling, repurposing and gifting. Decluttering is important in the New Normal process as it helps to bring clarity and create space for the new. Allowing you see new opportunities and act upon them.

Self Care and Nurturing

I listened to my body and rested a lot. Allowed the grief to ebb and flow and it still does. Lots of meditation and sleeping was in order and is very therapeutic.
I worked with gratitude, using gratitude for my emotional state and the feelings I had.  Accepting my thoughts and feelings with no judgement and allowing the emotions to flow. I leant on my support network and of course my husband and family. This is something that I have probably not really done before as I have always been the strong one. The one that sorts things out and cares for everyone so it can be a difficult transition when in need.

I also had some treatments and therapies, Reiki healing, attended Kundalini Yoga and started to move more I am walking lots and enjoying being out in the fresh air. The walking is good for me as my daughter bought me a fitness tracker for my birthday. I had always resisted a tracker as I didn’t want to become a slave to the step counter but I must admit it is quite addictive.  So much so that I have signed up to do The Three Peaks Challenge for the Daniel Barnett Arts Foundation.

Personal Development

Also enrolled on a course from a money mind-set coach to help me get to grips with all things finance.  My relationship with money is something I have always steered clear of.  It is early days as yet but I will keep you informed, No doubt from my yacht on the French Riviera!

Also I had an RTT session RTT stands for rapid transformation therapy. I am currently working with Denise Mortimer on elements of my business we held an RTT session over zoom and I have to say it had an immediate impact and gave clarity. The impact was such that I felt I could return to work a month ahead of schedule. Highly recommended and Denise runs a monthly group for RTT with a different subject each month. The session took away guilt, overwhelm and cleared baggage I didn’t even know I had!

I also actually read my book Seven Steps to Self Empowement as an outsider withouth the critcal eye of the author and worked through the exercises. I found it quite a challenge being inside my own head and telling myself what to do but it was a good read with lots of clarity gained during the month of January whilst I was working through it.

Yes! I read my Own Book


If you are faced with a New Normal either enforced or chosen make sure you are strong in your direction and not just making changes for the sake of making a change as it is expected.

One thing I discovered from the process is that I am 100% doing the right thing with my business. I had contemplated having a career change and closing down my business.

But after working through the points above and receiving friendship and support from some valuable people in my life I returned to work in February at Beighton Lifestyle Centre and it felt like I was home.

My first client back in the room is a well-established local business owner who has lost her way slightly and was feeling tired of the current situation. She has joined The Power of Three and at a month in she is seeing amazing results so far.

Second in the clarity room was a university student who was overwhelmed and suffering with anxiety and stress. Her mum brought her along and said the following afterwards.

“I just want to thank you so much for the work you’ve done with xxx so far. I even noticed a difference walking back to the car after the session. Instead of holding herself taut, as usual. She was ‘walking tall’ and she was a lil more chatty and even cracked a joke on the way home.I can’t thank you enough and look forward to continue this journey, working alongside you again.”

Knowing I can help people discover and embrace their New Normal be it growing their confidence or their business I am excited for my New Normal and the extra services I can introduce in the future.

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