It is the trend of the last couple of years and it doesn’t seem to be going away. The Challenge of the Challenge

Is it part of our thirst for improvement and personal or physical development?
Do we like to prove to ourselves that we meet challenges when we set our minds to it?
Does it boil down to showing our “friends” on Social Media that we do indeed have the tenacity, ability and the resilience to plank for 3 hours per day.

Remember  to post the selfie as proof!

Yes we embrace the age of the Challenge.

There are so many to choose ranging from nutrition, health and fitness to business and meditation, for people of all ages and with many interests.

There is the infamous Plank challenge you know the one which starts with gusto because anyone can plank for a second or two can’t they?

I have failed at the plank challenge-Have you?

However is it classed as a failure?

Blogging challenge


With that in mind I am re-starting the 30 day blogging challenge created by the wonderfully generous Sarah & Kevin Arrow from Sarkemedia. If you enjoy blogging and or have a business to promote I highly recommend that you check out the challenge.

I say restarting because I first came across the challenge around 18 months ago and started the challenge, I started but soon pressed pause as I decided my website needed some work and  so began the revamp of the site.

Then I joined the August cohort a group within the group of business people blogging on a daily basis and offering support, sharing blogs. There is more success in numbers and the camaraderie and peer support was a huge benefit.  Once again I failed at the challenge as sadly my mum passed away.

But did I fail the last two times?
I don’t think so on the first failure I realised that my business needed attention elsewhere. On the second attempt a mini series that I incorporated in the challenge became my very first book. That is in no way deemed as a failure. Failing at completing the challenge helped me reach one of my ambitions to publish a book.

7 Days of Empowerment

A published book was the results of a previous “Challenge Fail”

So here I am again joining the July cohort almost a year later, started again by The Time Doctor Mike  if you struggle with time keeping and organisation check out his daily blogs you won’t be disappointed.

This time is it third time lucky ? Will I complete the challenge? I am aiming to do so.

What is different this time?

I Embrace The Challenge of the Challenge

I will indeed begin again more intelligently.

I will plan my diary to ensure I have time to bog. I will write some bogs in advance so I have something to use should “life” get in the way.
It happens, life does indeed get in the way at times.

When working with clients I will  remind them of this – with a contingency plan or a plan B then you have every chance of succeeding. I am treating myself as my own clients and i have followed some coaching principles.

  • I have set my goal – Complete 30 days consecutive blogging.
  • I have decided on the outcomes I want.
  • I have a “brief”
  • I have shared my goal for accountability.
  • I have a support network around me in the form of the cohort, The Arrows and the Facebook group and you guys who are reading now.

Stephen Covey the author of  7 Habits of highly effective people,  states you need to  begin with the end in mind. Therefore  you need an idea of where you are going to be able to quantify reaching your destination. If you got in your car and just started driving with no route or plan of a destination how would you know when you got there?

Casting my glance forward to the end of the 30 day blogging challenge I will have introduced people to my services and what I have to offer. I will have more subscribers for my newsletter and lots of people will have joined my own 30 days of kindness challenge – launching soon.

I will also

Give you some goodies along the way for sticking with me. Downloads, worksheets, or relaxations. There will be some learning and laughs along the way. You may even want to meet up for an empowerment session either in person or via skype.

What sort of topics will be included in the 30 days?

There will blogs on boosting confidence and self-esteem as well as communication and self-empowerment.

I may even stir up some controversy when I speak about Life Balance, Being a Mum in Business and the truth about MLM.

So there you have it I am up for the Challenge of the Challenge – Will you be joining me?

What would like me to write about in the coming 30 days?
Leave a comment below about what you would like to see




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