Taoism in Every Day Life

Yesterday with The Flow of Life images I promised I would introduce you to the two men who work with the Tao that have introduced Taoism into everyday life with common sense and humour thrown in.

I have always had a secret crush on The barefoot doctor.- Ok not so secret now the three readers of my blog know!

I first become aware of him from a TV show he fronted called the Barefoot Doctor – It was a good few years ago. But his common sense approach mixed with taoism, a glint in those grey-blue eyes and a way with words that is probably unnecessary but it all adds to his charm.  Described as a “Wayward taoist, post-modern, quasi holy-man with ice and a twist of lemon.” He began his training at the age of 11 and puts that ice and twist of lemon to good use in making the tao understandable, accessible and attainable. He does this by mixing humour, knowledge and decades of experience.

I will often flip open the pages of  Instant Enlightenment 108 blessings read the blessing, take it in and think how appropriate it is for that exact moment in time. Talk about flow!

It simply does what it says on the cover. It gives a blessing and it then gives a unique interpretation.

Amongst my favourites are
Life Coach Sheffield


 There is nothing like a blessing to make you feel blessed!


I certainly felt blessed one very windy afternoon in Barnsley when I went into a gazeebo to listen to a talk by the tall, gentle and witty David James Lees. He changed my life in an instant as I realised I had been pronouncing Tao as “tao” and not “dow.” But then again why wouldn’t I read it phonetically when I have young children? Now whenever I read anything relating to taoism I give myself a mini fist pump for knowing how to pronounce it.

David and his lovely wife Alex live their life  and present their business the Wu Wei Way.

There is a wonderfully supportive wu wei wisdom community group on Facebook. I am a member of the group it is welcoming and engaging.
I am fortunate to have met both David and Alex on a couple of occasions and attended a couple of talks. David talks about living in the moment, going with the flow and the ease of life.  Alex posts videos in the group that are inspirational and give encouragement to see things a little bit differently.  A tiny change in focus can have the biggest impact on a huge situation.

Wu Wei (pronounced ‘woo –way’ mini fist pump!) is the ancient Taoist principle of creating balance and harmony.


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