Be the best specimen you can

Be the best specimen you can

So what are you talking about now Elaine, I hear you say. I know, I know but you see I get lots of inspiration and insight from my surroundings. My biggest influence is probably nature I am fascinated that things just grow, they just happen exactly as they are meant to happen. Tao pronounced dow, translates as the order and wisdom of individual life, and the way that this harmonises with the universe as a whole. Sounds deep? Its not it just means that things happen and develop exactly as they are meant to. It is exactly what personal development is all about. Going with your natural flow, doing exactly what you are put on this earth to do. Grow, Develop and Thrive.

I think we can all gain knowledge from nature around us. We as the evolved species have mind over matter, our brains are developed and most importantly we have emotions. These are the differences that separate us from other animals, plants and nature around us. But this can also be a problem as the mind and the emotions are often a stumbling block.

However by taking a step back we could maybe, just maybe see things from a different perspective and take new learnings on board too.

Take the humble tree for example.

The roots

They can be likened to our values the building blocks and guidelines that we live our life by.

Stand firm on your values

Stand firm on your values

Our values are instilled early on in life by parents and parental figures, teachers, peers, people of influence and in some cases TV and maybe even computer games. My values have mostly been instilled by parents and siblings. I have strong family values, and other values include honesty, integrity, and kindness. Values are personal and keep you centred and grounded; they hold you firm and keep you from uprooting preventing a loss of direction, keeping to your own personal ethics and guidelines.



The trunk

Resonates with our belief system, the deeper rooted beliefs are closer to the roots helping with the solid foundation.

A tree grows anywhere it can.

A tree grows anywhere it can.

The limiting beliefs are closer to the upper branches as these may not serve quite so well, setting limitations. However with work flexibility can apply, just like a tree can sway with the wind our limiting beliefs can be swayed to a new thought pattern and therefore a new belief system. For example I have a belief that I have a great sense of humour and will often make light of situations this belief is by my roots as I see this as an asset and part of my personality. (many do not though but I’m ok with that) I, like many have limiting beliefs around many issues and am working on it to grow and develop moving closer to those branches so flexibility and movement can develop and I can reframe my limiting beliefs. This is an area where many clients require help, they feel so trapped and inflexible in their belief pattern it’s a case of repetitive actions and thoughts creating the same results. A course of action agreed and flexibility along with action and ta dah, real progress is made.


The branches and the leaves

They are our story. The story of our life at that time, how we display it to the outside world. A tree in just four seasons will have searing heat burning its upper branches and leaves, it will create a shelter for its base to preserve water supplies to ensure continued nourishment. It will shed its leaves as part of its essential renewal and growth pattern. The winter months serve harsh weather conditions, snow wind hail and shorter dark days. The tree will stand firm against the elements and all that is sent its way. It has shed its leaves for damage limitation so the harsh winds and snowfall will cause minimum damage to the branches. The spring sees new buds forming, growth renewal and anticipation for the warmer climate to come. It is in our nature that after trauma or turmoil we will naturally regroup and start afresh. Likewise we will go through many periods of growth and development during our lifetime which is a physical and emotional journey. Our branches need to adapt to situations, we need to follow the guidance provided by our values and belief pattern. If we do not follow this guidance then our branches will droop, some will snap, leaves will curl and dis-ease can set in. This can set in by means of stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self-care and physical ailments if we have not nourished and protected our bodies enough we will see the physical and emotional issues arise.



So through all the elements the tree does instinctively what it does it sheds, stands firm, renews, shelters and it basks in the sun.

It tells and shows its story exactly as it is meant to be.

Its branches reach out as far as they can go,

Imagine if the tree had a more human thought process. The limiting beliefs of the trunk would maybe have a dialogue something like…

Oh you can‘t reach up that high. You aren’t good enough to grow over there There is no way that tree over there would let you share its space. Why oh why would you want to produce that shade of green on your leaves the birds aren’t going to like that. It is SOOO last season Look at the size of her trunk. Who does he think he is reaching his branches out over there.

Oh look at that one. Its much straighter and slimmer than me.

Oh look at that one. Its much straighter and slimmer than me.

Does this resonate?

A tree does exactly what it is meant to do

It stands firm to its roots.

It grows and is flexible

It reaches as far as it possibly can whilst going with the flow, accepting and moving with the elements and outside forces, importantly, not changing those outside forces.

It is authentic. It is Tao

Be more tree.

Stand firm with your values Find Strength in your beliefs Let your Story be Authentic

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