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The little book is in it’s 16th year of being in my possession a gift from my manager at the time and a close friend.

I have always found inspiration from many ‘different or alternative’ sources. The inspiration I get from this has proven to be much bigger in impact than the book itself.

Winnie – the -Pooh’s Little book of Wisdom is simplistic and thought provoking, providing moments of reflection and a “aha” of truth every so often and most probably at just the right time.

As the book says The Poetry, Hums and words or Wisdom aren’t things that Pooh gets, but which get him.

That is the secret I do believe to all learning and self development.

How many times have you seen a speaker, read a book, listened to a podcast.

It is nothing you haven’t heard before. But


IT hits you – YOU get it – and It has certainly GOT YOU?

Here are a few of my favourite poohisms…

From the Great Bear himself.

Winnie the Pooh

Life Coach Sheffield

Be mindful of with whom you do business or pleasure.

Life coach Sheffield

Make that Step












Life Coach Sheffield


Life Coach Sheffield

Life Coach Sheffield

Always Be Ready to Take Action.

Random Acts of kindness are
Good for the Soul











Life Coach Sheffield

Direction and Goals are important in life


The Tao of Winnie the Pooh has given me 16 years of inspiration, motivation and lessons.

Comment below your sources of inspiration.

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