Stress Management.

Beat your stress in 7 simple steps.

Conquer your Stress once and for all.

Don’t be beaten by Stress.

kadampa meditation centre

The Stunning Alter at the Kadamapa Meditation Centre.

We have seen all the headlines and often tried the tricks of the trade.


Today  once and for all I will no longer advocate the beating of stress and the wearing of stress as a badge of honour.

There I said it I will no longer speak with clients as if Stress should be something that we roll our sleeves up and relish the battle. Something to fight and come out the other side battle weary, worn and almost broken. There should be no battle or war against stress.

We will apply for jobs that advocate stress will be involved. “Must work well under pressure” etc.

We boast about being better when working under pressure and thriving on stressful situations. I have done it numerous times myself. Working so so close to a deadline – kidding myself that I am working better because I am under pressure, it is acceptable to have a headache, to be hungry and to not dine with my family as the deadline has to be met and I am thriving – Honestly!

However the pride and acceptance that we associate with stress is not carried across to its sister dis-eases of anxiety and depression should they begin to take a deep dark hold.

When working with clients the aim is to obtain true authenticity – to work and live from the inside out.  Once  living a truly authentic life the flow is easy, the work is a pleasure and the stresses are minimal.

A Stress Free Life. Is the Secret to Stress Management.

Today I had the pleasure of attending Buddhist meditation training. The session was entitled A Stress Free Life.  Isn’t that something we would like to aspire towards?

Lead by Steve Givnan at the Kadampa Meditation Centre in Sheffield. A former hotel that is now a relaxing World Peace Café and Meditation Centre, welcoming people of all ages, belief systems and nationalities.

I have an affinity to the teachings of Buddhism and have been attending a few sessions along with various friends and family members. Steve talked about the badge of honour of Stress and how approaching stress with anger, aggression and a must beat attitude would only exacerbate the situation.

This is something that I agree with and have worked with clients to diminish that thought process.

Acknowledgement and Acceptance are key in the process.

By owning the emotions you will become immersed into that frame of mind and into that state.


An alternative approach is to acknowledge that you are so much more than the stress, the anxiety, and the happiness for that matter.

Reduce your Stress Levels

Look up to the sky – Even on the darkest stormiest days behind the clouds there is the sun and the sky. Fact.

Even on the darkest, most stress inducing days. Your essence is still there. You may not feel it at that moment BUT it is there.  Fact.

You are a unique individual who just happens to be experiencing stuff that causes stress to you at that time.

Tomorrow on the blog there will be step by step guides and plans that can be fit into everyday life.

Share this post with someone who you think may benefit from an alternative approach to stress.

See you tomorrow too!

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