It’s still the weekend and so grab another drink and get ready to meet a business woman who I have known for around 7 years now.

I first met Hannah when she attended the Networking group I used to run with my partner in crime Wendy. (Wendy will soon have an Empowered Woman spotlight too) The networking group was for mum’s in business, although Hannah wasn’t a mum she was and is a determined business owner with skills and knowledge that fit perfectly with family life.

Hannah is a good friend and I often forget I could actually be her mum! She is  young and set her business up straight from university.

With a wealth of knowledge about her business she is passionate about helping women and families live a healthy happy life by eating nutritious meals. That doesn’t mean she sets unrealistic targets and bans food. I have shared wine and beer with her and even the odd cream cake.

Hannah keeps it real, that is why her clients are loyal, healthy and happy.

So grab that drink and learn a little about

Hannah Bailey Empowered Woman.

Owner of Wise Choice Nutrition, Authority on Health and Nutrition and Author.

Empowered Woman

Hannah Bailey Of Wise Choice Nutrition with Theo Paphitis


I’m Hannah. Owner of Wise Choice Nutrition and entrepreneur for the past 6 years. I’m currently studying for a Masters in Personalised Nutrition meaning I’ll be a nutritional therapist , able to work more holistically and with a wider range of people.

Empowered Woman I set up the business when I graduated from university 6 years ago with a degree in Public Health Nutrition. It’s been a challenging journey and completely not what I expected that first day I sat down and was self employed but, I never gave up and I never will.

Now, 6 years in, I finally feel like I deserve to be successful. To earn the money I want to earn by helping people transform their lives. I truly love what I do and can never see myself doing anything other than this. I’m passionate about helping people and know just how important nutrition is but it can be the most confusing area ever!

The media are constantly talking about food, health, weight, body shape and it can end up being a total mind field. I help people work through all of that and find what is right for them. We look at relationships with food too, how to break them and change them to be more positive.

Setting up the business at age 21 is something I’m really proud of. People said I should get a job first and get some experience or wait until I’m older. I was told it wouldn’t work but that just made me more determined to carry on and be successful. Being resilient and carrying on is a massively important lesson I’ve learnt.

I’d like to share with you my 5 top tips for women’s health:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Just because you ended up eating that chocolate bar or cake doesn’t mean you’ve failed and need to just give up. Accept it, ask yourself was there anything different you could have done and move on.
  2. Base meals on protein rather than carbs to help keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce carb cravings. Over consumption of carbs is one of the biggest contributors to poor health and weight gain as well as energy imbalances. Fill your plate with veggies of different colours to provide you with nutrients as well as some carbohydrate.
  3. Build in time for movement. You don’t need to hit the gym for 2 hours every day or run 10 miles, moving more whether that’s yoga and pilates, walking, running or a hiit workout is all beneficial for more than just your physical health too. Exercise is hugely beneficial for mental health too.
  4. Limit the caffeine and alcohol. I love a coffee and a glass of wine but they don’t necessarily love you! Keep caffeine intake to earlier in the day to help you sleep better at night and limit your alcohol too. Alcohol is effectively just sugar and a depressant too so whilst it may temporarily make you feel better, the long term effects are not so good.
  5. Plan your meals for the week. This not only helps you save money when you do a food shop, it also helps avoid those times were we end up eating ready meals or takeaways because there’s nothing in. Eating healthily doesn’t need to be expensive especially if you plan and don’t throw food away. You can then batch cook and have your own stock of homemade ready meals in the freezer for those nights you don’t feel like cooking.
Empowered Woman Hannah Bailey

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