How difficult is Self Care? Do you give away the pieces?

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I know what it’s like, I get it. You have a busy life, kids, work, partner, friends, and a whole host of other responsibilities that not everyone understands.
You care for others first and foremost, you deal with their needs, you look after the home the workplace and run your diary with military precision.

Imagine a friend gave you a gift.

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Just Water the damn plant

The gift is a beautiful houseplant that you want to display by the window. You are grateful, you feel blessed and you will do your best to care for it.

You know that if it is fed, watered and given light it will receive all the nourishment it needs and it will flourish. It will grow and it will bring pleasure to your household by the beauty it will bring.

You also know that if it isn’t fed and watered it may still grow but it won’t produce quite as much joy as it could have done. It can get some nourishment from its surrounding moisture from the air light from the window.

You water the damn plant. Because it needs it and it deserves it.

Hang on is there a metaphor in there?

You bet there is!

You are the plant.

You need to apply the proverbial food, water and nourishment to grow and flourish.

If you don’t practice self care if you always come at the back of the queue then like the plant you will survive but that is all it is. Survival there is no flow, no essence and certainly no growth.

I know of women who will make lunch for their family, then they will “just grab something” or pick at the leftovers.
I know women who value themselves so little a coffee with a friend wouldn’t be on the radar, let alone some time out to do what they enjoy.
Maybe they have lost what they enjoy somewhere en-route to becoming a grown-up, a mum, a partner, a carer, a colleague, a friend.

Maybe they don’t know how to put themselves first.

Maybe they don’t think they deserve to water their plant.

But They Do and So Do You

You may have been on a flight and listened to the instructions should an emergency arise. You place the oxygen mask on yourself first. Why? Because you are of no use or help and assistance if you are trying to fit masks on others whilst gasping for air and then collapsing. Far better to put your mask in place then help many others to apply theirs and feel safe, probably saving lives.

Do you get the message yet? You have to care for yourself before you can care for others and I would also add before you can give value to them.

So you water your plant. – You take care of your plant – You nourish your plant because it is so valuable


Self Care is essential So

Feeding  it well.
That goes without saying we know we should eat wholesome food, keep hydrated.

Move around.
That plant can only move upwards as it grows and flourishes. We are blessed with the ability to move in all directions at all speeds, Choose an activity that fits in with your lifestyle embrace it and enjoy it.

This is the fun bit, this is what helps the plant flourish the most.

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Nourish the soul of the plant and it will flourish the most.

Nourishment comes in all shapes and forms. It depends on what type of plant you are, some love loud music and live events others love a good book and quiet time. Many enjoy relaxation others running a marathon. Some get their nourishment from a volunteering role. Some will engage in a hobby and sew or get crafty.

What ever it is that you have forgotten to do to feed your soul, to nourish your plant

Just start – Go ahead and Water the Damn Plant – You will wilt away  if you don’t.

BUT What if you don’t know where to start?

What if you really have no idea how to nurture and self care. Maybe you don’t think you are worth it or you have lost confidence?

elaine mitchell life coach

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