You have seen the advertisements, read the hints and tips and no doubt followed the diet and started the Plank Challenge.

Here is the ultimate no fail, no pain Secret to a Beach Body.

I myself am 47 years old and for years I was too ashamed of my body to go on the beach. Concerned about judgement, cellulite and of course the muffin top.

You will feel confident on the beach (or anywhere for that matter) in your own skin.

You will find yourself embracing  life on the beach, in the pool and maybe even strutting a few moves at the disco too.

So here are my hints and tips to get the ultimate Beach Body

Life Coach Sheffield

Follow these instructions to ultimate body confidence, acceptance and let your beauty shine.


  1. Stand in front of a mirror naked. Or if you prefer in your bikini / underwear. Look at yourself in the mirror really look.  Look without filters, without thinking of the glossy magazines or the ideal body that the media and stores push. But think about what your body has been through and is going through, what is to come and the journey you have travelled. It is time to appreciate rather than bash, a time to nurture rather than punish.
  2. Look at your legs and feet. They have carried you through your whole life, been forced to walk abnormally in high heels, and pointed toes, stumbled on drunken night out yet still got you where you are now. They may be cellulite and an uneven skin-tone but think how far they have brought you- Say “Thank you legs and feet for carrying me so far throughout my life. (repeat x3)
  3. Look at your bottom turn around and have a good look – Those cheeks they have supported you whilst you have been on dinner dates, at your desk, learning at school, riding a bike, whilst at the cinema and also no doubt had an appreciative hand or two. Say “thank you bottom for supporting me” (repeat x3)
  4. Look at your stomach – Is is toned, flabby, does it have a mind of its own? Your waist and stomach may have nurtured babies, it has definitely held nourishment for your body, it may have held someone close. Mine holds scars that remind me I am survived those surgeries. Does it support your instinct and is it the place you go for intuitive reference? Say “thank you stomach for holding my nourishment and intuition” (repeat x3)
  5. Look at your bust / chest – Are your boobs a bit droopy or can they still hold their own? What stories can they tell nurtured children or been solely for your pleasure, Defined your femininity? Perhaps show you are a survivor? Say “thank you breasts for being part of my precious body” (repeat x3)
  6. Look at your arms – Remember the love that they have held, the embraces they have cherished the cuddles they have given and of course received. Are they toned from hard work or are there bingo wings to wave? Say “thank you arms for the connections and cuddles” (repeat x3)
  7. Look at your face. Maybe it isn’t as young as it was, but look really look, your eyes have seen pain,  heartache and worry. BUT they have also seen beauty, a lifetime and love no doubt. they have shed tears of sorry and joy. The experiences they have seen generate the sparkle that deserves to shine. There may be lines of laughter or sorrow but that is your story right there. Look at your lips the smiles they have formed and the kisses shared. Say “thank you face for the story you tell.” (repeat x3)
  8. Now look at your whole body take in your story. You are unique, you are precious some bits may be wobbly some may be huge, some may be small, It is all uniquely you!

Thank you body for supporting my journey. I love you and appreciate you.
Repeat this affirmation 3x.

Repeat these steps at least once a day for a month. During this time journal how you feel about your body as you will see changes in your perception.

Now go out there on that beach. Wear what you want, be it a bikini, a maxi dress or anything inbetween. Embrace the moment and embrace the uniqueness that is you.

Let me share my own beach story from this summer.

I was laid on the beach and my son glanced across at me.
“Muuuummmm what are you doing, pull your dress down”

I had rolled up my maxi dress to reveal, lily white thunder thighs and a wobbly jobbly belly.

“It’s OK they are bikini bottoms I have on” I replied.

“But it’s hardly a bikini body” he retorted laughing – he wasn’t being nasty at all.

Well I laughed and laughed and my jelly belly wobbled and and my thunder thighs shook as I sat up and started to chase him along the beach.

It may not be a bikini body – but it is my body and I embrace it for all that it gives me.

Life coach sheffield

If like many women you worry about your beach body or haven’t quite embraced your body.
Contact me for an empowerment session.
You will feel different.


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