Return to self

Return to Self

Self Care comes in many guises.

Paying attention to yourself is one that is most often overlooked.

I know what it’s like, I get it. You have a busy life, kids, work, partner, friends, and a whole host of other responsibilities that not everyone understands.
You care for others first and foremost, you deal with their needs, you look after the home the workplace and run your diary with military precision.

Water the Damn Plant

Just Water the damn plant.  A blog I wrote a few years ago – still, if not more relevant today than then.
For now we have a time in the world that is filled with hatred, insecurity, imbalance, stress and a virus that is keeping us inside much more than we are used to.
In Water the damn plant. I relate self-care to that of caring for a house plant.
(check it out it is quite a good piece)

We would care for the plant by giving it water, light, space and extra nourishment it requires. The result being it will grow, it will flourish and it will bring beauty and pleasure to the household.

If we ignored the plant it would probably still grow as it could take water from the environment, it will use natural daylight that is available reaching in the direction of the light, even if placed in a location that is not ideal.
It may not flourish but it will survive and it will do its best.

So you water the damn plant because it needs it to flourish and grow and be everything it is meant to be.

The Metaphor? – You know I love a good metaphor and this is the perfect one!

You, my dear woman, are that plant. The plant that needs to be nourished, the plant that needs to be placed in the right location and nurtured to produce and be its best. To be able to give freely the beauty and joy that comes so natural.

Self Care?

When we neglect ourselves, yes we still do what we are meant to do.
Feed the family, go to work, do the housework, do the schooling, work from home, budget, be a teacher, mother, daughter, sister, doctor, nurse, cheerleader but we do it with a sense of duty, needing direction, needing energy and needing a break.

We don’t consider ourselves because we put others first, We don’t think we are good enough to be considered, or we have forgotten what our thoughts and opinions are like – We have morphed into the voices of others with so many different should’s, could’s and yes’s that we no longer value our own opinion or thoughts.

Who Are You?

Sometimes we don’t recognise our thoughts and opinions any more. We can’t remember when we last considered our basic needs.

Women will make lunch for their family, then they will “just grab something” or pick at the leftovers.
In the current climate, we are juggling home-schooling, home-working, caring for vulnerable members of our family, and so much more. We feel we cannot get a break and the sad thing is often we think we don’t deserve one.

Maybe we have lost our essence, our vibe, our va va voom, our opinion or self-belief. Somewhere en-route to becoming a grown-up, a mum, a partner, a carer, a colleague, a friend.
Maybe we have forgotten how to put ourselves first and check in with how we are doing as the individual we are.
Maybe we have forgotten to water the damn plant.

The Oxygen Mask

You may have been on a flight and listened to the instructions should an emergency arise. You place the oxygen mask on yourself first. Why? Because you are of no use or help and assistance if you are trying to fit masks on others whilst gasping for air and then collapsing. Far better to put your mask in place then help many others to apply theirs and feel safe, probably saving lives.

Got the message yet?
You have to care for yourself before you can care for others and I would also add before you can give value to them.

So you water your plant. – You take care of your plant – You nourish your plant because it is so valuable Click To Tweet


Just start


Go ahead and Water the Damn Plant


You will wilt away if you don’t.


Is it time to Return to Self?

Return To Self

5 Days to Return to Self

Return To Self
There is a private Facebook group that is safe and secure and I will go live in there every evening to answer any questions and facilitate some reflection. Feedback from the previous course was phenomenal and it was just the reminder that many needed. It starts on Monday 15th June I look forward to seeing you there.

5 Days to Return to Self

Is a free program that will help you to recognise yourself again. It will remind you of the value of yourself and give you the space to reflect on your place in your world. With a daily email and activity that will give you enough to ponder and work on yet not take too much time because we know how busy we are.

Return to self

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