We do it to perfection.

Remember that argument back in 2013? He said, and you said, BUT you wish you had said……

You still recall it word for word. What benefit does that serve?


We add emotion to it. – Anger, Hurt, Resentment.

It is a Potato.

Maybe it was that bullying incident at school – Yes decades ago

Sticks and Stones? But the words they do hurt don’t they? And they stick around.

Recall that humiliation, anger and hurt that was caused to you as if it were yesterday.

It is a Potato.

We put them in the sack on our back and carry them around with us.



Giving them Power

Hold on Tight

Negative emotions keep us locked in fear and overwhelm. Fear of release, and moving forward.

They can take upon many guises.

Fear, Resentment, Humiliation, Sorrow, Anger, Retaliation, Guilt, Horror and so many many more.

If they are allowed to  take residence in your energy field they will suck the joy, happiness and excitement out of your life. In time, there is a danger of becoming a miserable, person who’s friends are  miserable too. (Law of Attraction Baby)

What if you could drop that sack of potatoes?

What would your life look like?

Empowered, Exciting, Happy, Fun and Challenging with many more positive experiences and emotions.

Grab a cuppa and check out the video it will help you shed the sack of potatoes once and for all.


If you are ready to drop that sack, releasing fear and anxiety along with much more?

Get in Touch arrange a Skype Empowerment Session.

What potatoes would you like to drop? Tell me in the comments
It may become a feature on Work it Out Wednesday.

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