I have been a Reiki practitioner for over 15 years now. Reiki is a part of my makeup. It helps me to maintain my weirdness, it helps me to take each day as it comes and the Reiki Principles that are handed to students on attunement is imprinted in my psyche and has become part of my values and belief system.

The principles are

Just for Today.

I love the fact that it incorporates the words “just for today” as when we embrace the mantra we are imprinting that today will present a certain way. But we are also giving yourself permission to change our thoughts tomorrow.

Someone really annoying you – Just for today, I will not anger. But tomorrow “So help me…”

Feeling a little bit resentful?
Just for today, I will be grateful. Tomorrow I can vent big time at the injustice.

Feeling concerned and apprehensive?
Just for today, I will not worry. – Tomorrow I can let those worries overwhelm and have a pity party in my headspace.

Feeling like not doing your work today or being of service?
Just for today, I will do my work honestly… Because tomorrow can be a duvet day.

They are really getting on your nerves, making your teeth itch!
Just for today, I will be kind to others. Because tomorrow if they carry on wowsers I can let loose.

The magic of the term Just for Today is that it is simply that
It is just for today – You are giving yourself perfect permission to change the flow tomorrow.
But the real magic comes when the next day arrives and you reflect on the previous day. Realising that showing kindness, gratitude, honesty, having no worries, and not showing anger is a really good vibe to be a part of. Your energy level is higher and lighter and the stress levels are way down. Maybe there is something in this and you will continue with another day with the mantra

Just for today.

As we in the UK approach our 4th week in “lockdown” many people find stress and worries are creeping in. They are neglecting themselves and their well-being. Concerned and worried for others, not taking time out for self-care and the discipline that may have been second nature has gone AWOL.

I have created a download to help self-nurture “Just for today”
It covers mind, body, and soul to aid with mental well-being, communication and health, and vitality. A gentle reminder for reflection and reminder to help with

  • Gratitude
  • Health
  • Movement
  • Mindset.

The download is designed to help you get through each day with intention which can be lost when each day during lockdown is merging into the next.

When I was researching what to put in the download people said they were losing focus with regards to self-care and awareness. They were neglecting movement, nourishment and thought was becoming negative. All totally understandable. This tool is here to help you gain awareness and control over thoughts and actions.

How does it work?

In the morning pop a little doodle to state how you are feeling.

Then write three signs of gratitude – This can be a sticking point as we have so many restrictions. But take it back if you are finding it difficult to find some joy and make your thanks simple.

Next reflect on what you enjoyed about yesterday A simple question but often over-analyse and look at what was wrong rather than finding the joy.

What can I do differently today? To avoid that ground-hog feeling. Do something different. Take a different route on your walk, eat something you wouldn’t normally try listen to a different genre of music or maybe take in some online classes.

How do you want to feel for the Day? Chose a word and write it in the feeling cloud. Maybe use a coloured pen that resonates with that feeling thought or emotion for you.

Body Nourishment.

Next is the section relating to the health and vitality. I am not a nutritionist or expert in this field but the basics are there to help you keep a check on portions of the essentials such as hydration, fruit, veg and again some reflection what did you enjoy the most.

Body Movement and Nurture

Movement for many has been greatly reduced due to not travelling to work movng around the workplace and such. We are advised to go out for an hours exercise a day but for many this is not realistic. Being aware and mindful of movement during the day will help.


How will you honour yourself today?The changes we have experienced can affect our mental health and well-being. We are spending longer periods of time with those we live with or conversely we are totally isolated from our friends and family. Self-care is paramount. What can you do to raise your personal energy levels and help you feel lighter and brighter? I love to meditate, yoga, listening to music and colouring. We are having weekly family zoom quizzes and connection with others is through video call. What can you do that serves you personally.


This is a vital part of the journal page. Reflect on the day and rather than perhaps our nature of looking at what could have gone better or the mistakes and regrets. Look at the day from a positive mind-set and chose the best thing that has happened for the day.

Take a moment to choose an emotion that you wish to embrace for the next day.

Then remember this activities were just for today and you can do it all again tomorrow.

Download the journal Page. No registration of details simply download and enjoy.

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