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I’m Elaine Mitchell, Empowerment Life Coach and Speaker based in Sheffield. I am available for one to one coaching, training workshops, presentations and keynote speaking.


It’s fine for them with their confidence, knowledge and sparkle in their eyes. But What about you? Never feeling quite good enough, not an ounce of confidence and where is that spark? I can help you discover that inner spark, confidence and self love. Warning: Once we have ignited that spark there is no going back.
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Are you looking for a speaker who is engaging, motivational and loves to make her audience laugh. My delivery is fun, and informal with a key message of The Power of Three. Audiences are inspired to think that little bit differently and invited to change their thoughts.
The Seven Steps to Self-Empowerment


Do you like to inspire yourself and take it at your own pace? Perhaps personal coaching isn’t for you at the moment but you would like to dip your toes into the water and work with Elaine. You Can!

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Lent begins on Ash Wednesday 1st of March. A period of time in the Christian calendar that represents giving something up and going without, traditionally fasting or abstaining from something that generally gives an individual pleasure. Non or indeed lapsed Christians...

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How difficult is Self Care? Do you give away the pieces? I know what it's like, I get it. You have a busy life, kids, work, partner, friends, and a whole host of other responsibilities that not everyone understands. You care for others first and foremost, you deal...

This woman has helped me so so much. Not only with my own self worth and support but that of my team too! She really gets you to ‘look inside’ and see for yourself things that may be holding you back. And it’s never what you think. Straight talking yet one of the gentlest women you could meet. Highly recommend her in a one to one or group setting. Excellent investment for your business or just for personal growth.

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