Feeling Overwhelmed?

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If I or anyone for that matter were to ask you a question, how would you reply?

  • Answering with what you thought was the “right” answer straight away, no hesitation
  • Pondering a while and then saying what you thought was the “right” answer
  • Having no idea what your personal thoughts on the matter are.
  • Saying exactly your authentic answer.




A high percentage of women will automatically chose one of the first three options. There could be many reasons behind the answers but mostly it is down to overwhelm.

Many women feel overwhelmed – The have so many roles, so many different responsibilities, a huge to -do list and tasks outstanding that they just begin to exist.

Their inner voice at first is patronised, then ignored and finally not even acknowledged. As our ego / mind is running at full speed, checking in on what is going on around how the balls are being juggled and just dealing with stuff.

As stuff is being dealt with we just get on with it – That is when the self care takes a hit, we forget to keep hydrated, we don’t always take care of our diet, we will miss out on chats to our friends, we opt out of attending that get together, the last time a book was read or a walk was had? Who knows. We miss out on nourishing our soul and the inner voice becomes insignificant. That is when the overwhelm begins.

Once overwhelm has got a grip, then the self esteem takes a hit, confidence becomes dips to almost non-existent and apathy can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

I have seen an increase in overwhelm in not only clients but also friends of late. There are many contributors to the situation from work and home pressures, general juggling and the perceptions of how we should be.

  • Always on the go
  • Happy
  • Focused
  • Healthy
  • Balanced
  • Calm
  • Fun
  • Sociable
  • In touch
  • Knowledgeable

Do you know what, I call BS on that!

It’s fine to feel overwhelmed. BUT it’s not fine to Ignore it

Please Drop the Guilt – It’s not big it’s not clever.

We do not have to be all singing all dancing all the time. We are human beings, we have emotions. Hey we have hormones and the weather and technology and family and friends and a whole host of things that frustrate and overwhelm us at times.

Give Yourself a Break.

Give yourself permission to Stop, Pause and Breathe.

To claim back some time to calm your mind and ego. This will help you to find and listen to your inner voice.

It is so important to sometimes do nothing. Because often not doing something is the best action to take.

Here is a recording about the subject. However I feel it should have a warning.

Warning! Warning! This video is not for the faint-hearted as it contains….

A singing empowerment coach.





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