Mum in Business? Woman in MLM? Lady in Direct Sales? 

There will always be the haters

There will always be the naysayers

There will always be the doom and gloom merchants 

AND sometimes they are our nearest and dearest. Go Figure! 

I have been self employed, a business builder, an entrepreneur, a mumpreneur for almost 2 decades.

I have worked a job or two whilst building my business. I have had more than one or two businesses.


Present in Business

 I get it! 

I’ve had successes, failures, highs, lows all the bit’s in between and been in the depth of depression as  a result of my journey.

I know what it’s like to feel downhearted

I know exactly what it is like to think today is the day that you will have to put your dreams on hold and get a “proper” job.

I understand when you are so exhausted because you stayed up until 2.30am watching a live broadcast or just putting those finishing touches to your website. Or maybe there had to be some goods to be shipped out and that was the only time you could find the space to wrap, tape and package without a toddler running rampage around your office space (for office space read living room / kitchen)

Then the toddler jumps on your bed at 5.30am and your day starts again.

Juggling, Manoeuvring, and working your ass off.

I really do get it when you are sat in a corner feeling at your lowest ebb. You maybe missed that sales target or didn’t quite make the grade this month.


I also understand the highs when you reach the target, when you get that reward and when you are on top of the world.

It is AWESOME and there is no better place to be in the world.

I am running a workshop in Sheffield to help women in business Mums in MLM Direct Sales and everything in between.

 Be Present in your Business. 

Check out my cheeky clip

It will be an awesome session giving value support and encouragement to the women who work from home and do so much more than run a business. I know you do!

Book your Space Now  Hit the share button to let your friends in business know you support them.

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