Mind Body Soul
Simple Tricks to nurture Mind Body and Soul

Mind Body Soul?

All connected?
Not relevant to performance or happiness?
Soul? But I’m not religious and I don’t believe in mumbojumbo
If only I had time to care for my body!
I was rubbish at school doesn’t apply to me!
I am not worth it am I? (Doh of course you are it is your birth-right to feel abundant in every aspect of your life)

These are just a few of the responses I have heard when I have spoken about the power of three and my belief it is important for all three to be nourished to feel not just OK. But happy, content, satisfied, balanced, excited, comfortable, and most importantly empowered.

Think about a three legged stool, one of the strongest structures. Three legs all angled with precision to balance and support the milk maid as she carried out her duties. If one of those legs had not been set correctly or had somehow got damaged then the milkmaid would not be able to carry out her milking duties to the best of her abilities.

Likewise if your mind, body and soul are not working together are not balanced and one of them is out of kilter then you will not be able to function to the best of your abilities.

Sometimes you can lose your way – Blah sets in and sometimes it’s worse than Blah and you really don’t know how to find “You” again.

So here is one easy tip for each aspect of Mind Body and Soul.

Mind – Spend time each day expanding your mind. You can do whatever makes you feel like you have stretched yourself – I like to read but I must confess I am a bit off books at the moment, I prefer to read something quick and easy to digest like a blog, or listen to a pod cast. Others like to learn new skills, be it cooking, knitting or skydiving. It really doesn’t matter it is what fits for you.

Body – Move it. Go out in the fresh air, if its cold wrap up if it’s not put sunscreen on. Go outside walk, run, cycle, anything just move every day. My preference is to be outside but the secret is to find something that you enjoy and if that is swimming or being on a static bike at a gym. Just go. I read a comment on a post yesterday about people exercising and moving later in life. One lady was 80+ did yoga, cycling and swimming on a regular basis. She said her motto was “Motion is Lotion”.

Nurture your Soul

Nurture your Soul

Soul – Nurture you! Be it by meditation, yoga, crafts such as colouring, knitting, painting, worship, spiritual beliefs. Take time out to just be. Be present in the moment enjoy the purity of the moment and let everything fall into place.

For help in empowering your life, avoiding the Blah or simply to enhance what you already have I offer individual empowerment coaching in person and by skype and will also be introducing presentations and workshops, along with e-courses and web based learning.

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