Meditation for Stress Reduction.

Meditation for Kids Meditation is a proven method of stress reduction. As I stated on yesterdays post it can be a wonderful aid to removing stress from your life.

There are many benefits including.

  • Lowering Blood Pressure
  • Helping with Sleep
  • Stress Reduction
  • Emotional Balance
  • Helps with IBS
  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Enhanced Breathing Techniques

Meditation can be carried out in many different ways.
And you don’t have to sit crossed legged in a fragrant room, chanting ohmmm to reach a stress free and balanced life.

There many variations of meditation. I would recommend if this is something that you would like to know more about that you investigate further and find a methodology that works for you.

A daily meditation practice will have the most impact on general health, well-being and mental state. But if you cannot commit  daily,  fit it in when you can. I must admit I will often meditate every day for an extended period of time but then I could miss weeks of the more traditional methods and go with my personal flow and what suits me at the time.


                                                          Go with the Flow of your Meditation

Not sure what methodology to try? Check out this 7 Step Guide to Meditation.

  • Guided Relaxation – A great starting point. Often incorporating a visualisation with a goal for the future or a total body and mind relaxation. Being guided through a relaxation is a great starting point. There are many many free recordings out there and it is well worth trying a few out. Things to take into consideration are the background music for example if it includes birdsong or water but you do not particularly like those  sounds you will not find it relaxing. Also would you prefer a male or female voice and would an accent bother you?


  • Traditional Buddhist Meditation – This involves having a specific focus of the breath for a short while and then going deeper into the mind to focus on the point of the meditation. There are many different strands of Buddhism and the teachings do vary, a wonderful experience. I would recommend attending a learn to meditate session at a centre should you get the opportunity. Mindfulness has developed from these methods.


  • Transcendental Meditation – This is the method that The Beatles declared as their method of relaxation and so a generation grew up practicing. Transcendental is simple to follow and very effective. Chose a sound or word of your choice that can be aligned with your breath. For example hmmmm, ohmm or words such as Love, Peace, Calm, One, Yes etc etc. Then with each exhalation chant or make the sound. Repeat when inhaling. The sound is verbalised at first but then after a while you simply repeat the mantra in your head.


  •  Yoga -My persona preference is Kundalini Yoga which I discovered six months ago and I was hooked from the first session. Yoga movements, breathing techniques, chanting combined to form a wonderful meditation exercise.


  • Moving Meditation – Walking, Running, Swimming, Cycling the choice is yours any movement where you are repeating an action and where you can focus on your breath with our without a mantra. I use moving meditation on a regular basis when walking or when I am out running. Focus on the breath and the surroundings being just in that moment of movement. For example long distance runners – in the zone. Moving with the same repetitive motion and the rhythm that is almost effortless.
  • Creative Meditation – Do you like art work? Have you seen the increase in adult colouring books and sheets. We use colouring as a family meditative practice. We have lots of beautiful coloured pencils our own colouring books but we colour collectively on the large kitchen table a relaxed family time when talking is not required but we are spending quality time together.
  • Sound – chanting and drumming are traditionally used in meditations and the practice of beating a drum to a repetitive beat is a wonderful form of meditation.

There are guided meditations and relaxations to download from my website. 

Help dispel the myth.
That is to meditate one has to wear dungarees and a flower in your hair. 

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