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What does living your Truth actually mean?
We all do, don’t we?

We all live our Truth

To me living my truth is “being” my truth.  Living aligned to values and beliefs. Not weaving a different path because an outside source thinks it is the better option. Trusting instincts and going with gut feelings, Being confident in approach to situations and working in a truthful and authentic manner.

I live aligned to my values and beliefs.  The Values that were imprinted onto me as a child and which I have developed, enhanced and tweaked as I have matured.

The beliefs that I have nurtured for the better good. The beliefs that I work towards changing and the beliefs that I have discarded as they no longer serve. (Limiting Beliefs)

My beliefs have changed over the years and I have grown to align them more to my core values and the principles I live my life.

Do you live your Truth?

I think we would all like to think we do. All initially saying “yes” – But then – that niggle, that little voice inside that taunts Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.

Sometimes it can sneak up on us and we question are we living our truth. As we realise we have come so far off the track like an aeroplane just one degree at the start of the journey and we finish miles from our destination and we get that feeling. That unsettled feeling of something not being quite right or sometimes. A sadness, a loss of one-self, overwhelm, confusion and the thought that we are not good enough.

When clients come to me they often talk of mourning who they were. Forgetting what they used to be before.

They have lost their Mo-Jo

  • Often before having children they may have had a fantastic career. They have exchanged the boardroom for the baby-change and suddenly identity and feelings of a different responsibility and lifestyle takes away their confidence as everything is a different challenge on so many levels.
  • Career change into a new area and company values are no longer aligned.
  • They may have taken the plunge into business and started their own business or opened a company. But that is so different to the corporate world.
  • They may feel like their world should be fantastic, they have it all partner, kids, home, job or business or both Yet there is something missing.

None are living their truth. It doesn’t mean life is at rock bottom, it seldom is there is just something not quite right.

AND it’s OK
Sadly many women don’t live their truth because they have forgotten their truth.
They are so involved in family life, work, business, friendships, relationships and being the voice of reason for everyone that they forget about their own voice and maybe are unsure what it sounds like.
What does it feel like to live your truth?

It is Ease.
Ease and Flow.

When you are aligned to your Values. Your beliefs are nurtured and developed to become positive actions and habits. You start to live in Ease and Flow.

How do you get to ease and flow? 

By nurturing and caring for your truth. Your inner voice, your essence or whatever you wish to call it. If you Nurture and care for your truth then you can step into Flow

I help my clients get into flow by working with The Power of Three.

Gratitude Acceptance and Detachment.

Gratitude – Rhoda Byrne in The Magic states One word changes everything that word is “Thank You” Being grateful is the main tool I use with my clients it is so much more than saying thank you. It helps to reframe situations, see the opposite side of sadness, fear, overwhelm *insert negative feeling or emotion*

Acceptance The magic wand of Self-Empowerment. Giving yourself permission to really flow and jump into that river of life regardless of if you are battling white water rapids or stuck in a stagnant pond.

Detachment The ability to care but not be defined by the attachment of situations, people or circumstances. I call detachment an art as once you have mastered it your life is enriched, with clarity, confidence and self-awareness.

I confidently say I live my Truth.  

I work with clients who align to my values and belief system. I do not compromise my truth to accommodate others. I may compromise on situations such as pizza or curry for takeout and make allowances but my core values are served and I live by them. This means I do not compromise myself in situations – I have previously worked for people and been instructed to carry out tasks or duties that did not align with my values and this has left not only a bad taste in the mouth but it can also have an impact on mental health and physical wellbeing.

Some signs you are not living your truth 

Life Coach Sheffield

There are many signs you maybe recognise one above or just have a feeling or thought that you are not living your truth.

Buckle in folks because I have joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge provided by Sarah and Kevin Arrow of Content Nitro and I am looking forward to sharing how over the next 30 days we can all align to Living our Truth.

I will give insider knowledge and share how I got to run the business I love that is totally aligned with my values. But there have been obstacles in the way when I couldn’t get over myself and thought that all the “experts” knew better.  I will share relaxations, visualisations and tools to help you find your essence and its whispers as it helps you begin to align and Live your Truth.

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