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Will you take up the Kindness Challenge?

Now I am not one to normally get stuck on what to talk about but for my readers column in my local paper the Sheffield Star I did indeed get stuck.

I asked my friends and family members what they thought I should write about.

There were many replies and I must admit I was quite surprised as I honestly thought only my Dad and I were interested and would read.

The underlying theme was that of tolerance and kindness.  Basically the people I trust said we needed more in the world, more kindness more tolerance and it should be done without expectation of reciprocation.

A lot of the time we will carry out an act of kindness as a matter of course – unconsciously, holding a door open, passing on a parking voucher, signalling to exit a junction.

But what if we took part consciously generating acts of kindness for a fixed period?

This was a thought that started as I was writing the column and it has and will escalate from there.

30 day Kindness Challenge

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So I have devised a 30 days of Kindness Challenge. It’s not out there in cyber world as yet apart from a #RandomActSheffield it is a musing in the local paper but it has set the ball rolling.

It isn’t anything new as there is the hugely popular and well known Pay it forward campaign amongst others.

This challenge will also work on personal level for those taking part. At the end of it not only will those involved be feeling lighter and brighter having consciously and actively carried out kindness and not only to strangers but to those we love and hold dear too. But they will have completed a goal and the challenge of doing something consciously and consecutively.

Did you know being generous with time, money, words or anything for that matter is also proven to help with stress levels not forgetting the all important feel good factor. ~

Who doesn’t want to feel good?

So the giving of your energy in the form of kindness every day by an act that you define will benefit your well-being.

But that is not all

It is said that the greatest gift is in the giving. It is also said that what you give out is returned multiplied.

So if you go through a period of 30 days offering kindness, support, and helping others. The chances are you will receive kindness, support and help in return.

Not only that, but there will be lots of confidence building, self-esteem work and not forgetting my favourite good old gratitude.

From personal experience when I have removed Ego from my decisions and gone with how I can serve others and be of assistance I have benefited much more than anticipated. So it will create a win win situation.

Why join the challenge?

There is greater power in numbers. If we all connect and go about our kindness challenge,  the kindness will be amplified and it will roll out for much more than 30 days.

There will be lots of support not only from myself but from other members of the Kindness Community.

There will also be lots of inspiration and some freebies along the way too.

Be amongst the first to find out more about the Kindness challenge and it’s launch by registering as an early bird to join and receive news from Elaine.

30 Day Kindness Challenge

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