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Tudor Rose

Whoever would have thought the journey my life would take. Spina Bifida, Civil Servant, married, kids, illness, to divorced, partner and Self Employed, inspiring woman over 40, and Co-author! Whatever your personal, family, health or disability circumstances, yes, if you want to, you can do, you will do.


Where it all started

Born in the 60s with Spina Bifida, lucky to even be here. A child’s dream, I lived in and near Blackpool. Promenade, Tower and Pleasure Beach. Above a corner shop too, where I could take sweets to school! That may have something to do with my weight now. Lots of hospital visits for physio and check-ups, and the odd operation or two…then we moved to Suffolk when I was 8. A picture-box village and pink cottage. Lovely primary school where I had a go at everything.

My ‘special’ secondary education (pre Education Act 1980), was not academic and funnelled us all into office, desk based training and aspirations, at best. Thankfully, things have improved greatly. I only did a year at university, but a great learning experience itself.

Adult life

My first job, a PA of a small IT company. After they moved away I joined the Civil Service, which took me to London where I met my ex-husband, and then Sheffield.

We lived the life! For two years enjoying the theatre, restaurants, sights, youth hostelling, tall ship sailing. I loved it. When my job moved to Sheffield we moved to Derbyshire. A few years later adopted our Son, and Daughter. This was a challenging time, but we were busy with the everyday, home and family stuff. Then I became sick.

Life changes

There was then an opportunity to leave work. Funny how you can manage with less income! No travel to work, lunches out, do’s, etc. to pay for. I returned to University, retrained to be a Teaching Assistant, and gained a degree. A very difficult saturated market place to get into though.

Kids now grown up and flown the nest. The most devastating blow, separation, my ex left us. This could have finished me off. But no. I’m sure all thanks to Mum, her example, and parenting, made me a strong and independent woman. I never thought I would cope alone. But I did.


My health improved, and I met my now partner. Life is so much different. Loving new adventures, new experiences, lots of fun, spontaneity, with a few challenges along the way. I now have my own business too! He encouraged me to just ‘go for it’. Tudor Rose Business Services (my Mum’s CB radio handle) was born.

Co-authoring. Who
Would have thought me!

18 months on I am overcoming a lack of self-confidence and feeling I’m not ‘expert’ enough. As long as, you know something, they don’t… I have great networks, woman, and mixed. So important when you work alone for the friendship, understanding, support, knowledge and experience sharing. I have had professional headshots taken, a fabulous me time experience. I have run client workshops, had a professional video done, two co-authorships, two radio interviews. All have been a great boost to my confidence.





Being quite a niche business, I am still working at creative ways to communicate my value.

Networking can be an experience, negotiating standing, talking, balancing, drink, handbag, sometimes food, and my walking stick! So, I now often do this in my wheelchair, which saves my leg strain, free’s up my hands, and can be a talking point at times too.

I have gained so much from taking that step to business owner, with my partners support. Others now see me as a business woman. My confidence and communication skills have grown. As a woman also having a disability, I now, even more than I did before, see that I can be a role model to others, with my ‘can do’ approach. Business is at times hard work, I am by no mean rich financially, just remember it is your dream.

Find your individual way, to have a glass half-full, ‘want to’, ‘can do’, ‘will do’ independent, strong self-worth, approach to life. Whatever life throws at you, stay strong, and look after you. If you have never considered it, but going through tough times, I highly recommend meditation. As a way to sooth the mind, and have a positive outlook.

Inspiring Women

Inspiring Women Photo Shoot.

Others may have health or disability issues that get in the way of them focussing on their work.

Through my own example, utilising my skills set and background, along with my practical, resourceful, solution approach, I can demonstrate that solutions can be found, and you can. Empowering others to have the same ‘can do’ solution focussed approach, to everything. There is so much opportunity out there to be accessed.



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