Developing Artwork For Empowered Woman Events. 

I was delightedempowered woman that Elaine asked me to create an artwork for her Empowered Woman Events.

I’m a Sheffield based artist and illustrator with the brand of Inspire by Kim. After a successful career, in travel industry public relations, blowing my knee was the impetus to become a full time artist. Now creating art and illustration for myself, and my wonderful customers, is the good that came out of major injury


Elaine’s brief to create a dynamic brand image, demonstrating empowerment, authenticity, strength, warmth, flow and generosity is inline with psyche of the female characters that I create. My characters are their authentic selves and thrive by living this way. The ‘Wonderful Women’ in my Portfolio demonstrate this theme, such as my Leaves Lady, which I used to promote my April 2016 exhibition.

After giving a lot of thought to Elaine’s brief I sketched a number of concepts. I wanted the piece to have a lot of energy, demonstrated by colour, and to symbolise positivity ahead.
I developed ideas using markers, Lino cutting, inks and a great Sheffield made colour crystal product called Brusho.

A riot of sunlit colour
copyright Kim.


Elaine loved a number of the artworks but was keen to change the background colour. The chosen artwork was the colourful figure striding forwards, as her fabulous self, towards a shining future.

Empowered Woman

Fabulous Bold and Striking Woman, Using Brusho before drying.
Copyright by Kim

Spectra Electra – Elaine asked for a name for the woman,
Spectra then Electra popped into my head. Copyright Kim.

Empowered Woman

The Finished Art Work Spectra Electra Copyright By Kim


After signing the artwork I replaced the background with Elaine’s signature green, as used on her website and book cover. I left enough space alongside the figure for Elaine to add information about the forthcoming events.

It’s great working which Elaine as she so bubbly, positive and fun. I’m delighted that Elaine has asked me to speak about my journey not only at  The Empowered Woman Celebration but also on her first video interview with an empowered woman.

My website is and you can also enjoy my work on my Instagram feed and my Facebook page.


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