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Time doesn’t exist, clocks exist.

Time is an agreed upon belief.
Taken from the distance between the rotation of the earth and the orbiting of the sun. divided up into segments. Then given those segments labels. 
This has been programmed into us and it is the system we live our lives by.  Believing the system as if it were real. We have confused our shared belief in the system with something that is tangible and have therefore become its slave.

Are you a Slave to Time?

Some would say yes – Others would say no

All would agree it is important to accept the restrictions of time.

It is important. Imagine the chaos that would reign if we ignored timetables, dinner or cinema reservations, appointments and such.

But are we Ruled by the restrictions of time a tad too much?

Maybe we are and perhaps we should set free the shackles of time and go with the flow.

Yesterday as a family we set those shackles free- It wasn’t intentional – It was quite liberating.

We ventured to the beach

I stopped wearing a watch probably about 3 years ago – I have no idea why as I have a lovely collection of watches but I just didn’t feel the need to have a constant reminder on my wrist.

I generally have my phone in my bag and so the time is accurately close by.

But yesterday I didn’t take my phone and neither did my husband and it was a lovely chilled out relaxed day.

We went with the flow – We didn’t question the time –


A lovely day with no restrictions from the belief of time.

Life Coach Sheffield

There is always Time for Ice Cream

Have you ever had a no time Day? I highly recommend it.

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