Just kidding

I am Good Enough

You are too. Have you ever felt not good enough?

I am sure most of us have at some point and a high percentage of us feel not quite there not good enough most of the time.

We allow ourselves to feel judged, to feel insecure, to feel like we just need to make a bit more of an effort or try even harder than what we do already.

But who is our judge and juror?

Time to get real

Time to admit it

You are not that interesting to others.

They really aren’t judging you (well not constantly and consistently anyway)

The only judge and juror that relates to you. IS You.

As you know I am part of the 30 day blogging challenge It is a wonderful group where everyone is actually good enough.

They do their bit, blogging about their chosen subject and putting it out there into scary old cyberspace. All those trolls all those negative attitudes. Imagine if members of the blogging group didn’t post because they didn’t feel good enough. Cyberspace would be a cold and lonely place.

Mike, The Time Doctor says  Stop Deferring Your Happiness He is right many people defer their happiness, or contentment until it is too late. Why the postponements?


The time, place, situation or person didn’t feel good enough. Not good enough to follow dreams to take a risk, to go with their flow. Mike puts it much more eloquently than I do.

I am also a part of the 31 day money affirmation challenge. The challenge is about using affirmations and rituals to welcome money into your life in a spiritual manner. Day one gets right down to business with an affirmation that actually instructs.


It makes sense that it is the first affirmation and very often the first step of concern for clients as they come to me not feeling good enough.


Life Coach Sheffield


I’m a Sheffield girl and we have a saying “It’ll be reight”  Simply meaning. That is enough.

So if there is any concern about something “It’ll be reight” is the stock answer maybe we should apply that to our internal dialogue too?

If we question ourselves “I am Good Enough” Because you Are!

If we question a situation “It’ll be reight”

As you are your own personal judge and juror. I urge you to be gentle on yourself and grab yourself the affirmations above to use in your toolbox when you have self doubt and you are being harsh on yourself and your performance. Adopting this attitude will see your worry levels decline, stress reduce, and anxieties too.

Remember speak to yourself as you would a good friend, or your child.

Life Coach Sheffield

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