As a family we are currently enjoying a traditional Great British Seaside Holiday. Staying in my cousins caravan, I feel I am capturing my childhood memories.

Candy Floss, Hot Dog’s, Fish and Chips and my favourite Donuts.

Tat in the local shops and Donkeys on the Sand.

Sandcastles, Seagulls and Paddling in the cold cold sea.

Family values are important to us. We spend time together there is fun, laughter, tantrums and disagreements. That is what family time is all about.

I look back on my family holidays with nostalgia and fond memories.
I remember I had the same spade for probably my whole childhood and then it was passed onto nieces or nephews. It had a red shovel and and handle with a wooden shaft my name etched on with bright blue nail varnish. Every year it would get packed into the car and come on our annual family holiday. It was also used in the garden when I was helping dad with his vegetables.  I know I had this spade as I have vivid memories of it and I also have photographic evidence of it being my trusty holiday companion for many years.

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I bought my daughter a spade like mine.

Photographs are the aide memoirs we rely on. Something to provide and jolt memories as times passes and people do too. I have many photographs from family picnics, seaside holidays and celebrations. With all members of the family relaxing and having fun, there is no posing and no pouting.

I know lots of women especially Mums who are uncomfortable in front of the camera. I too used to be self conscious and I would hide away – offering to take a snapshot rather than be in one.

Not anymore.

I am there arms around my kids, laughing into the camera, often doing something embarrassing that will bring back happy or cringe worthy memories for them.

So what caused the sudden change?

I realised that these are the moments my children will treasure. The moment that if I don’t put myself in front of the camera then my children will miss out on memories when I am no longer there to remind them.

They don’t notice that my hair is not brushed and styled, It isn’t a problem that my makeup is faded and I really can’t be bothered to touch up my lipstick.

I have embraced my authentic self and I will smile for the camera.

I am confident in my own skin because I am happy from the inside-out. I love who I am and it doesn’t matter who thinks I don’t look my best.

We know the tricks. Front leg bent slightly, hips forward, shoulders back, teeth and t*ts. I prefer the ones where my mouth is wide open as usual! Head back in raucous laughter. The essence of the moment captured.

When you are authentic. Happy inside-out, the photo’ are authentic too. The smile comes from the inside and the memories are made.

I have worked with ladies who have body hang ups and have wanted help in accepting how they look.

Generally it isn’t always about what they look like, it is mostly about how they feel about themselves.

Will you go in front of the camera this Summer Season? I certainly hope so

Tomorrow I will reveal the secrets of my beach body at the age of 47.





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