Visualise your Future

Visualise your Future


The Power of Visualisation

Yesterday I promised you a guided visualisation and if you bear with me you will find the details at the bottom of the post.

We have discussed on the empowered blog before about the value of visualisation. Can I let you into a secret lots of people wont visualise as they don’t class themselves as visual people. They don’t see things. When recalling memories they don’t see it in their minds eye. When thinking about the future they don’t “see” it either. When discussing home furnishings they struggle to see the finished article before its actually finished and then it’s a surprise as they didn’t know what to expect as they were unable to “see it” before completion.

I was that person imagine my stress and feelings of inadequacy as a coach. I was unable to visualise things, heck I don’t even think I dream in pictures.  I am a kinaesthetic person I am all about the feelings.

But that all changed when I attended an NLP seminar and the guy taking the course was doing group activity. So I was there as usual ready to take my bat and ball home because I wasn’t able to visualise I didn’t see pictures in my mind. And he said if you don’t class yourself as a visual person – then pretend AHA

Lightbulb moment and from that day on I gave myself permission to pretend.

It has opened up so many great opportunities of visualisation for me. I am not sure if I “see” things or situations I want to come to fruition but I find it so much easier to engage all my senses and make the visualisation real.

At the bottom of this blog there is the opportunity for you to register to receive a complimentary guided visualisation.

3 tips for easy visualisation.

  1. Decide what you want sounds simple I know but lots of people have no success with visualisation as they are not sure what they want to achieve. What they want their goal to be or what they want to manifest.
  2. Always write your goals / dreams/ manifestations / visualisations down. If it isn’t written down there is no accountability and the writing down locks it into your sub-consciousness. The commander of the ship is telling the crew what to steer towards.
  3. Write them down and imagine them as if happening now. You’ve heard the saying tomorrow never comes.

The guided visualisation is there for you to use as often as you like. I use something similar when creating vision boards and also presenting workshops such as vision board workshops, and goal setting workshops.
Use it for a general goal setting or for larger projects such as a 5 year plan.

Pop your details here for the MP3 to be sent direct to your inbox.
Remember to add to your safe sender list.

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