I did it I walked on Fire

I did it I walked on Fire

On the 5 Simple tips to build your confidence post I suggested that a way to build confidence is to challenge yourself.
Here is my account from the two fire walks I have completed. First posted 2012.

My poor feet do take some stick to be honest, not only do they have to carry me around all day but I do put them through their paces.  In the last two years I have subjected my poor right foot to two operations, started running (well ok jogging – well ok then shuffling) shuffled myself around the Great Yorkshire 10K, Had them sucked on by very very hungry fish, (where did that craze come from and go to) I’ve had them filed to within an inch of their life by a very vigilant therapist and  I have fulfilled an ambition of doing a fire walk (I moved quicker than when I am going out for a “run”)

But the fire walk I hear you say – Why When How?

Why– like I said it has always been a bit of an ambition of mine to do one and obviously being a life coach I love and enjoy the positive thinking and challenging side of thing. Plus it was raising funds for Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

When– this evening at an organised event in Barnsley. And then 18 months later at an event I organized.

How – by simply listening to instructions and the science side of things. Being reminded about positive self- talk and self -belief plus the enthusiasm of a group of like- minded / simple minded individuals all coming together with one very positive aim of not getting burnt or not dropping out.

After an hour or so of instruction and inspiring motivation we marched across a very windy cold park to the flames flickering and lapping at our feet. I must admit at this point I got a fleeting glimpse of fear as I do not like flames and fire as such. Thankfully the flames were padded out and although the embers were burning at 1236 degrees Fahrenheit  (for 1236 degrees read very very very hot hot hot.)


Once the flames were gone (No flames No Fear in my book) I was in the zone lined up with my new best friends all cheering encouragement as we all took our turn to walk across the embers. It was my turn and surprisingly or not? I didn’t think at all – I had faith and knowledge that I would be safe and perhaps above all quick!

After a couple of seconds into the walk I realised I was going to be one of the lucky ones Tony the instructor had mentioned.  I was going to get what he liked to call a fire kiss. Simply put one of the sparks was sticking to the sole of my right foot and was giving me a snog. So that snog has left a tiny weeny blister and I am so proud. I can still feel it like an elastic band being twanged again and again against my foot just a reminder “I’m here look what you did this evening are you proud of yourself” You bet I am!

If you get the opportunity to challenge yourself by completing a fire walk – jumping out of an airplane, running a marathon – then grab that opportunity with both hands go for it and see how that activity can impact on your life. I’ll keep you updated.

And here’s the update.

We did a Fire Walk

We did a Fire Walk

18 months later my friend and I who at the time ran a networking group for mums in business decided to challenge the ladies by  organizing a group fire walk. What an amazing evening. 30 Women including my beautiful niece who had benefitted from the treatment from the hospital all ready to strut their stuff on the embers.

How did it feel a second time?

It felt just as good although I was a tad disappointed that I didn’t get a fire kiss this time. My pride spread across to the whole group we knew all the participants there was a deeper connection a deeper feeling of awesomness as it was shared universally through the group all us women doing it for themselves for the group and for the kids.

Has taking part had a lasting impact on my life?
Yes  it has. It has built my reserves for those can she can’t she moments?
Can she do it (reply in bob the builder voices)
She has walked on fire, of course she can!

Can She Do It? YES SHE CAN

Can She Do It?

The personal challenges I have achieved are reminders that I am a strong woman with the confidence to take on new opportunities. I can do things when perhaps a few years ago I may have thought it impossible. Go on challenge yourself to do something different and go for it.

I help women realise their personal potential find confidence and live an empowered life,  travel their path in the moment celebrating themselves and their journey.

I would love to help with your next steps to empowerment and confidence – contact me to arrange a Complimentary Confidence Coaching session.

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Photography credit the lovely Jennie from Captured Moments who spent the evening in compromising positions so we had a lasting reminder of our evenings escapades.


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