Yesterdays blog was a guest blog from the wonderful Admire the Beautiful.  Today I give my thoughts regards our young people having depression and struggling to Admire the Beautiful in a world that is breathtaking.

Life Coach Sheffield

There is a little bit of yellow for everyone.

It is OK to have emotions.

Yes it is actually it is better than OK it’s what life is all about.

It’s quite normal to feel a whole host of emotions. Sad, Happy, Down, Funny, Weird, Hopeful, Fretful, Scared, Excited, Apathy, Love, Loneliness. The list goes on.

Emotions need to be felt, they need to be experienced they need to be nurtured so we know how to deal with them and work through them.

Depression, Sadness, Worry and the like are not the whole identity of a person. This is the key. Once this realisation takes place the real identity can be searched for and work carried out to deal with the issues of depression and the like.

Acceptance is vital. Identifying “as” the condition is optional.

If internally and externally you use identifiers such as

“I am Depressed” ” I am sad” “I am worthless”

Then this will lead to a downward spiral. This becomes the identifier and the only identity the sufferer has.

However if you identify “with” the condition, it feels a whole lot easier. It is doesn’t sound so permanent.

Try this.

“Depression is here” “I feel sadness” “I feel worthless at this moment”

This change in internal (and external) dialogue opens up the possibility of making room for other feelings into the equation.

By altering the dialogue it changes the attachment and identification. Rather than it being all consuming there is room for something else. I am not saying it is easy or making light of the debilitating condition of depression. But I know that such a simple change of dialogue can help to ease the pain and also can be seen as a light at the end of the tunnel.

Why does this generation feel so much more pressure and have emotions on a flat-line?

The Unreality of Reality TV.

Reality TV and the media circus that surrounds it is edited to make mere humans feel inadequate. We are aware of the body shaming, the unrealistic size 6’s or 0’s dependant on which continent you are in. The lip fillers, the dermal fillers, the defined brows and so much more that makes the human form more aesthetic and pleasing on the eye. (Who’s eye I am not entirely sure)

They give out an underlying message of.

  • You have to Live it Large constantly
  • Personality has to be bigger than big.
  • You have to tell everyone absolutely everything
  • You have to show everyone everything (and they mean everything)
  • You do not have to respect your body unless it suits in a court of law.
  •  You have to party hard and then party some more even harder.
  • You can indeed make a living by being “beautiful”
  • You have to be in love with your BAE even if you have only been on a couple of dates because it is all so so serious.

The glossy mags, the red tops, the TV shows and everything in between constantly tell our younger generation how to Live.

But they do not Show them. They just show the gloss. The loud, large living, enthusiastic and hyper gloss.

They do not show them it’s OK to have a bit of cellulite and actually most people have it. It’s not portrayed as acceptable to have self-doubt and lack confidence. Being beautiful is skin deep and average is unheard of. They do not say share your insecurities identify them and acknowledge them.

They say bury those feelings, Look how we live. Not upto scratch? Shame!

What do you do to find your Yellow? Let me know below.

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