Finding Gratitude During Corona

I am known for my Gratitude approach to life. I am referred to as the Gratitude Coach.
I often say the foundation of my life and my business is gratitude. Because it is. I stumbled upon having the attitude of gratitude around 6 years ago when I was at a very low period of life.

My mum was in the process of diagnosis and being moved into a nursing home, a personally devastating time for myself, my Dad and my siblings.
I found a way to cope with the horrendous situation after I stumbled across and began to work through The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.

At a time when I was feeling nothing but self-pity and resentment for my current situation I developed an attitude of gratitude. This new perspective helped me navigate my situation and build the foundation for my life.

Six years later I see things from a lighter perspective. I am realistic I own my thoughts and feelings but I am able to switch that mind-set to one of acceptance and being able to deal with situations with fortitude.

The current situation we find ourselves in as a Nation and a world with the Coronavirus, various states of Lockdown, restricted movement. Staying in the house with family members 24/7 or alone 24/7 with no physical contact with loved ones. It is difficult. We are in circumstances that are unknown. These circumstances create familiar feelings of resentment, stress, anxiety, self-pity and worry.



Why would gratitude help in these circumstances?

Gratitude has a positive impact on all situations the good, the bad, and the downright awful. Gratitude is proven to build resilience, acceptance and to aid the immune system too. It is a positive emotional state to be in and better to accept a positive emotion rather than a negative one.

I spend a lot of time on social media especially Facebook and I have seen lots of posts from individuals along with likes of

I am grateful today for XYZ what are you grateful for.

A wonderful reminder to many and an opportunity to pause and think where the gratitude is at that moment.

Maybe it is a stark reminder that you are not coping.

What if you are struggling to cope with the situation?
What if your kids are on their fifth meltdown of the day and it is only 9.30am?
What if you have no idea where the money for the shopping is coming from?

It can be difficult to find the gratitude.

But keeping it real and finding a moment of gratitude can help to raise the vibration and lighten the energy we feel.

Here is my guide to finding the gratitude in all situations whilst keeping it real and understanding the circumstance

First of all start small-
Usually when working with clients on a one to one basis with my Power of Three programme we start with 10 –

But we are keeping it real and using the principles of the Power of Three. Also the Reiki principles of Just for Today.

Reiki principles use mindfulness and awareness of being in the moment and the day.
The statement of Just for today. Being aware for that moment and the day – Following the principles Just for today. So we will apply that to gratitude.

Give yourself permission to be sad, stressed and anxious tomorrow but Just for Today you can chose to follow the path that sprinkles gratitude, thanks and acceptance to lighten the load.

Just for today

Usually with my Power of Three clients we follow gratitude routine which involves the recording and validation of gratitude’s, 10 in the morning, 1 halfway through your day and last thing at night. But in these circumstances we are going to do it differently.

It is sometime hard to think of things when you are feeling anxious, stressed or restricted in abilities. We are taking the act of writing down gratitude’s out of the equation. Instead we will go with images as they are instant – they create feelings and emotions that can change in a moment and they bring relief and a focus of mind and body.

Here is my lockdown guide to Gratitude and keeping it real.

Set the intention of creating this habit for 30 days and making it a visual feast for your eyes and anyone whom you wish to share it with.

Grab your phone, a camera or if you have an instant camera even better.

Now follow these instructions every day. Remember you are doing it just for today so don’t look at the long term haul look at each day and go with that flow of acceptance. Just for today you will raise your awareness and look really look!


Take three photographs of things, people or your surroundings that makes you smile and brightens that moment.

Set an alarm for half way through your day.

When the alarm sounds. Look around what makes you feel content, happy, raises a smile or makes you feel secure in this moment? Take a photo

At the end of the day reflect on your day.

What was the best thing that happened – Think of that thing. Get your camera on selfie mode and say what it was that made you smile or feel good, and grateful just for today. Snap a selfie as you are smiling and saying what made you feel good. Or record a video of your recollection.

That is it three thing’s “Just for today” that will help to raise your vibration and let gratitude help you through this strange world we are inhabiting at the moment.

The best thing is because you are taking a visual reminder and record of your gratitude by using the three steps you will have a record to look back on.
You could print off the photographs and make a collage on your noticeboard.
You could make a daily collage and post to social media with an explanation of your “Just for today” Power of Three. Or you can keep it totally private.

When you find moments of difficulty, stress, anxieties and worry, you have an instant reminder that the challenges are “just for today”. You have proof that gratitude can be found even in the most challenging of situations.

Record those gratitude’s and let them help you through the good and the challenging times in equal measure as when the challenges are there that is when it is most important to begin to flex the gratitude muscle and build resilience.

I would love to see your gratitude posts on my Facebook Page so pop across and post what you are grateful for now.

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