International Women’s Day.

International womens day 2016

                                                                                            Who is your ultimate
                                                                                            Empowered Woman

A day to celebrate women and all that they are and can be.

I am a woman, Actually a middle aged one.

It took me a long time to define myself as a woman. Let alone as a woman who inspires, creates and empowers.
As the youngest of 6 siblings the baby of the family it simply wasn’t on my radar to define myself as an adult let alone a woman.
Even though I married young – got myself a job at 17 years old out in the big bad world.

I still defined myself as childlike, immature and looking towards others for guidance and in many cases my identity.
I chased the dreams of others, got the sensible job that didn’t fit.

I was the flakey one who had copious amounts of papers on her desk surrounded by plants to negate the electrons in the air from the computers, crystals to give balance and was always feng shuing her desk. Despite being the butt of many colleagues jokes and my quirky ways I still went after promotions.  I never got them of course, my bosses could see I wasn’t on the right path but I thought I had job security and a career.

That is what everyone craved

Wasn’t it?
It took me a long time to stop chasing the dreams, aspirations and goals of others and to listen to my own inner voice gently guiding and steering me on the path I was destined to take.
So here I am on the cusp of a new project launch Empowered Woman – A forum, safe space, and on-line community that will Empower Women

What is an Empowered Woman?

She is strong, she is vulnerable. She is confident, she is an introvert. She is loud, she is quiet. She has lots to say, she likes to listen. She is single, She is with a partner. She is a mum, she doesn’t want kids. She chose her partner, she had an arranged marriage. She loves sport, she hates sport. She loves to read, she doesn’t have time. She wears own brand, she wears designer. She wears a bikini, she wears a hijab. She is happy, she is sad.

She is Empowered

I wanted to know what my clients, followers and peers thought made an empowered woman. I asked the question and here are a few of the replies.

Empowered Woman

                                                                   Here are a few of the suggestions of what makes an empowered woman

Do you agree?
What is your definition of an Empowered Woman?
Leave a comment below to share your definition.
Share with empowered women you know so they can share their opinions too.


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