Today’s empowered Woman is My Coach.

I had excitedly been looking forward to the spiritual coaching training course for a long time.  I sat there in anticipation and it was clear around 45 minutes into the session  that the day wasn’t going to be as expected.

We paired up during one of the first exercises and despite having not much in common we became firm friends. Our friendship has stood the test of time and miles.

Despite me being a northern bird and her living darn sarf.  We have many differing tastes too.

clare wildman empowered woman

Yet here we are almost a decade later.

But Clare hasn’t got this post just for being my friend. She is my coach and mentor. She has helped me make both business and personal decisions, she has shown compassion and passion in the correct measures when needed. She has kicked me up the proverbial ass either by cyberspace or in person. She is one of the most generous, caring and genuine people I know with a wonderful way of bringing things and people together to showcase the best of their abilities.

Grab yourself a strong black coffee as that is how she likes it and get to know my coach, friend and mentor.

Clare Wildman of Clare Wildman Coaching.



A bit about me:

Empowered Woman

Only child, wife, friend and most importantly me.  At my coach training back in 2007 I was a little perplexed when we carried out an exercise about ourselves.  Many in the room started the way I did above in reply to the question ‘Who are you?’  My instant response was the one I listed last above.  I’m me and you know what?  I’m proud of that too.  It doesn’t matter how shy I may have been in the past I’ve always been lucky to have a good sense of myself, a strong self esteem and I thank my parents for helping me to develop that.

I spent about 20 working years trying to find out what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Always tempted by the idea of working for myself but never knowing what I’d do.  I’ve worked for a holiday company, a university and warehousing companies in a wide variety of roles.  Learning all the way, meeting a wide range of amazing people and never quite feeling I’d found the place I should be.  The lesson I learnt was to keep chasing that ideal because if you don’t then you certainly won’t find it.

However hard you work towards it for yourself though you sometimes need a helping hand.  I visited a life coach myself, armed with an A4 page full of things I’d like to do for a living, many of which I couldn’t work out how I’d make a living from them.  As I was talking all this through with my coach I was working for someone who’d trained, only I didn’t know it.  When my contract came to an end I told him what I was looking to do next and he told me about his training, gave me all the information I needed and I was off for my Coaching Certificate weekend with The Coaching Academy.

What I learnt that weekend was that I’d found what had been missing.  In all my roles I’d been supporting others in different ways and I loved working with others to help them to be better in their jobs, to help them make better decisions.  With coaching I could help them on the big decisions in their lives, I could help them turn their lives around to be the best that they can be.  How amazing is that?  The best bit is that I just help, I help them to see how amazing they already are, how much more amazing they can be and they wide range of options they have open to them.  It’s all about empowering people to make what they want of their lives whatever hand they have been dealt.

empowered woman clare wildman

Elaine has asked me to tell you how I know I’m ‘on purpose’ and that’s such a tough one to put into words.  It’s all about a feeling.  It’s about seeing the difference that I make, about knowing I’ve made a difference, making smiles grow wider, seeing the weight lift from shoulders and then there’s that deep feeling of ‘rightness’ deep down inside.  I really know I’m on purpose when I come out of a coaching session almost not knowing what I’ve actually done… it’s just all been so natural to me.

My top tips for being an empowered woman:

  1. Know yourself, be honest with yourself

  2. Have a support team to keep you true

  3. Dare to dream


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