We all wear spanx at some time.
It is time to Rip them off and let loose!

Spanx is an underwear brand that is designed to restrict the bulges that nature and that extra chocolate digestive gave us. They are rolled onto the skin and have the magical effect of compressing the lumps and bumps that are not required when wearing a flesh skimming evening gown or your “pulling” outfit.
There are many other brands available but for ease of reference, I chose spanx as it obviously rhymes with thanks.

From my experience of wearing such undergarments, I have breathed in, walked in a new way that is a cross between a twerk and someone desperate to go to the loo. (Oh but you can’t visit the toilet when wearing as how do you manage to get yourself rolled back inside after a glass or two of Chardonnay?) Also restricted my pudding and beer intake on nights out.

But the Spanx Aren’t Spanx Really Are They?

They are a representation of the restrictions we put on ourselves. Every single day a restriction of how we judge not only ourselves but others too.

Guilty? I think so! 

We step into those restrictions and roll them up squeezing in our beliefs and opinions making them fit that we apply to our daily lives. The judgements we allow that do not serve. The restrictions we apply to events, circumstances, opinions beliefs and not forgetting the pressure we allow from the media and the celebrity lives that is viewed as our moral and lifestyle compass.

This version of spanx I call them Judgy pants. We put them on with ease and often do not notice the restrictions they place on our every day life.

They restrict our tolerance, of self and of others. They facilitate as a soapbox to voice our opinions and try to change the actions of others. This can come across as bullying, trolling and a host of other negative means of communication. They work as a judge and juror on anothers story.

Imagine if you were to throw your Judgy pants away. The freedom of movement and easy breath.
The joy and ease of tolerance and acceptance.

No need to judge yourself or another. No constant pressure to behave in a certain way or to expect from others.

You see when you throw away your judgy pants you start to notice and understand not everyone behaves in the same way. Not everyone has to confirm to being a certain size or wearing the latest fashion. It is ok to be your true self and accepting of others to live their truth.

 Taking off your Judgy pants is part of Step two in my Power of Three Programme of Gratitude, Acceptance and Detachment. It  is part of Acceptance.
Living with Acceptance and celebrating it is very liberating.

It really is like going to a fancy ball and leaving the Spanx at home. Not caring if the lumps and bumps show, breathing in and breathing out, eating drinking and being merry as you can be your truth and dance to your own tune.

Cast aside those Judgy pants once and for all?

Here is a Power of Three to help the Judgy pants stay cast aside.


Decide that you will leave judgment alone. Have yourself a mantra. “If it doesn’t serve don’t say it.”  Think consciously of comments you are going to make about situations and people. Are you judging them? Are they doing the best they can at the time?  *hint most people do even if it is not to your liking. Ask yourself will my thoughts benefit both parties or am I just dumping my frustration on the recipient to make me feel better and make them feel worse? If you answer yes – Is there a better way of getting your thoughts across or do they really need to be shared?


Kindness treat yourself and others with kindness and respect. Smile at a stranger as you walk down the street; hold the door for that person coming the opposite way. Pay it forward and buy a coffee for the next person in the queue. Leave a random posy of flowers for someone to find with a note wishing them a fantastic day.  Connection with other human beings is so important and this is something that is in steep decline. Hold a conversation and really listen to people as they tell you their story – Maybe do some volunteer work. The list is endless as to how you can be kind to strangers without it costing financially. Your time is the best gift to give. Be kind to yourself, nurture your body with food that is nourishing and you enjoy to eat. Exercise and refresh your body – have a relaxing bath and read a book, listen to your favourite genre of music and laugh with friends. Being kind to oneself helps to bring about acceptance for who you are.


Build your resilience the subject of yesterdays blog. Work on personal development, read books that will enhance your life. Become your biggest cheerleader not your biggest critic. We often speak to ourselves in a manner that we would not dream of speaking to a loved one or a stranger for that matter. Working on your confidence and self-worth is the single best thing you can do to help you live a life of acceptance. Once we accept and love ourselves unconditionally then we no longer feel the need to judge others and their actions.  We ease into acceptance and because we are happy and accepting of where we are at the time there is no need to get those Judy pants out of the wardrobe and try them on again.

There you go a mini power of three to help you on the way to living a life without the restrictions of the Judgy pants.

Do you wear your Judgy Pants? Let me know in the comments if you intend to go Commando. 

To find out about the Power of Three in more details check out my book available on Amazon. 

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