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Grab a drink lets catch up.

It’s the Weekend

Traditionally a time to kick back, relax and have fun spending time with family and friends.

For the duration of the empowered woman series, weekends will be for taking a peek into the lives of women who are indeed empowered.  You will find new inspirations, different ways of thinking and maybe even make new friends either virtual or in real life.

The first woman in the series is actually someone I know very well, sometimes there is bemusement and often she makes me laugh. I like her a lot,  I love her unconditionally, I like that she does walk her talk and she laughs her laugh. She also cries her cry and does it all with passion and purpose.

Yep It’s Me!

The youngest of six siblings, I love being part of a big family. I have many nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and even great great nieces and nephews. It is wonderful.

Life Coach Sheffield

Here we are the Mitchell’s

Closer to home my little family unit consists of my husband and soul mate Mitch – He is funny, loyal and  loves me unconditionally too. We met on my 17th birthday and have been together for 3 decades. Our children are 13 and 7 years old. Both are unique, funny, tenacious and very caring human beings. We have a dog Ruby who is unique, funny and tenacious. There is also a goldfish in the pond although I am not sure on his personality I am sure if I got to know him he would  be unique, funny and tenacious.

How did I arrive on the path I travel today?

I was a part time self employed beauty therapist and full time Civil Servant. Neither were floating my boat as I had lots of lovely clients as a therapist but didn’t value myself enough to charge my worth. I gave fantastic treatments to clients in their own home for a fraction of the true value of the service.  I anwered an advert about a new range of beauty products, my journey in Direct Sales MLM with Virgin Cosmetics, backed by Sir Richard Branson began.  A journey that helped to shape the person I am today. If you are watching the current ITV series Brief Encounters you will know how the party plan environment can empower women and help them find their confidence and voice.

I built a business of my own with a team of over 100 empowered women. We laughed, we cried, we grew and we had lots of fun along the road. There were some wonderful opportunities and one that I hold dear is being given the chance to speak at a managers seminar in London in front of 500+ women. I admit, I wasn’t polished it wasn’t that pretty and I went over my time, I cried as did the audience (probably because I outstayed my welcome) but I came away from that weekend with a seed planted.

Fast forward

Sat in the gods at Birmingham NEC. Amanda Gore came onto the stage with her unique, funny and tenacious personality. She blew me away. She had 5000+ women stood up singing “always look on the bright side of life” It was a pivotal moment in my life. I knew I had to become a person who made a difference to people’s lives. It is simply my calling to help, assist and work with women, to let them grow and develop to become who they are meant to be. To follow their calling and go with their flow with ease and grace.


What makes an Empowered Woman?

After so many years of people pleasing and avoiding my calling. I learnt to go with my flow, walk my own path and trust. I trust myself. I trust that I know deep down  the right path and course for myself. I accept my vulnerabilities and I am not afraid to show them. I know I cannot be all singing, dancing unique funny and tenacious 24/7. Sometimes it’s duvet day and sometimes it’s OK to say I need help.

I celebrate my strengths.

I am unique, funny and tenacious. I am a fantastic listener and I know when someone needs help perhaps before they know themselves. I am really good at looking for the positive in any situation (Yes! sometimes that can be annoying) I love to encourage others and make a fab cheerleader minus the ability to do the splits and a cartwheel.

I accept my weaknesses.

I cry. I cry an awful lot at many inappropriate times. My husband laughs that I once cried at Fireman Sam – In my defence it was The Great Fire of Pontypandy. It’s frustrating but it is part of who I am. I put others before myself a lot and this is something that I am always working on. I bite my nails sometimes and I hate having my hair cut and coloured.  My food intake and exercise is sometimes neglected. However tomorrows Empowered Woman can help with that.

I am Grateful.

Every single day I am grateful for the gifts that come my way, be it air to breathe, a hug from my kids, or a coffee with a friend. I look around the world with wonder and appreciation for the big, the small and the indifferent things.

I love to learn

Learning and developing my skills is important to me as it helps me to build my confidence and self esteem (yes I walk my talk too) Plus it helps to build up my coaching toolbox so I am an authentic and effective coach.

I have ambition

I will launch a new book by the end of the year entitled Empowered Woman or something along those lines. I will continue to speak at events and one day will be on a stage just like Amanda Gore inspiring many women to go with their flow. I will help many women in business and mums who work to find their inner voice, to walk their talk and to celebrate the path they travel.

Life Coach Sheffield

I did it I walked on Fire.

My Empowering Advice.

  • Be Unique, Funny and Tenacious. Except the Best, Accept the worst and Celebrate it all.
  • Don’t take everything so serious.
  • Dance and Sing often. Someone Watching? Give them one hell of a show!
  • Always listen to your inner voice.
  • Live from the inside out Authenticity is the key to having a real life.
  • Make friends with lots of people.
  • Be comfortable with your own company – Don’t depend on others for entertainment or guidance.
  • Make decisions – You know you want to.
  • Get yourself a cheer leader for the days when it all seems too much.
  • If you have a dream – follow it – If you don’t have a dream – Get one!
Life Coach Sheffield

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I am a natural empath and I have a gift of asking the right questions at the right time. They may be uncomfortable questions, but it’s exactly what is needed at that time.

I understand women and how they work especially if they are mums in business or work in MLM / Direct Sales. I know about the worries, the stresses, the doubt and the fears. I love to laugh and I love to help.

Can I help you at all?


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