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How You Doin?

A week into the Empowered Woman 30 day Series, I hope you’ve had food for thought and feel  inspired, and proud with a better understanding of your internal dialogue.

We’ve touched on overwhelm and how as women we are so good at doing it all and feeling it all.

Yep I get it, I understand being advised to drop the guilt and move on isn’t always that easy. Let’s face it if it were everyone would skip down the street humming show tunes flashing Jazz hands proudly wearing those rose tinted glasses.

What if we went a little deeper?

Knowing we could drop more of the overwhelm and let our empowerment shine through?

We Can!I

It is very simple, let me explain. It’s all down to Stuff.

Stuff overwhelm

What if Dealing with Stuff was the way forward?

If we let the stuff get in the way it soon develops into overwhelm.

What is this stuff we have that creates overwhelm?

Let me explain.

Physical Stuff – surroundings – clothes – clutter – hoarding – workplace etc etc

Emotional Stuff- past – current – childhood issues – friendships – relationships – confidence etc

Cyber Stuff – emails – webs -notifications and social media.

It’s a wonderful empowering feeling when Stuff is no longer an issue.

See you tomorrow for Cyber Stuff.


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