Find your Inspiration Today

Find your Inspiration Today

Empowerment and Inspiration

Two very powerful words and two very powerful attributes and emotions to harness.

Today is all about finding your inspirations the people, the things and the places that inspire and empower you as an individual.

My personal development journey began when I was in direct sales. I worked hard in an industry I had little knowledge about. I followed the guidelines I was passionate about the products and I became successful. I was fortunate to find many mentors, motivators and inspirational people that filled my mind, body and soul with the desire to learn, improve my life and soften my edges.

Being part of the direct sales industry nurtured a love of personal development.  It was after seeing Amanda Gore live at the NEC Birmingham, I realised I wanted to inspire and motivate others to live the life they desired. So I started my journey of self-development and learning.

Here are a small selection of my influences.

Sir Richard Branson 
I have been fortunate to meet Sir Richard on a number of occasions he is a huge inspiration on my life and I would advise reading his books and subscribing to his social media. I presume you have heard of him?

Karren Brady 
Making it in the stereotypical world of Football as the youngest ever managing director of a  professional football club. She is straightforward, honest and very hardworking. She is also one of Lord Sugars advisor on the apprentice a programme that entertains and motivates me in equal measure. I admire her ethics and her husband used to play for my team too.

Amanda Gore 
Any woman who can get around 5000 women singing always look on the bright side of life at full pelt after a gala dinner the night before must have some magic.

Julie Cross
I have got lots in common with Julie  (Yea right)– we are the same age, I am blonde (sometimes) and we both have a child with additional needs.  I came across Julie when a Face Book post she wrote went viral it was about wearing a bikini at a certain age. Check her out you won’t regret it.

Sometimes you need people who are a little bit more accessible- Those who can actually speak to or drop a text / email to and you know they have your corner you know they are your cheer leader and the ones to help inspire and empower you.

Close to home inspirations.

Richard McCann 
I read Richards books a few years ago and was touched by them. Then by chance I was at a business seminar and he was the key note speaker. I was moved and inspired. A few years later I was given the opportunity to meet Richard at an intimate dinner presentation and listen to his story again and chat to him once more. I was amazed that he had checked me out on Twitter the night before the dinner as I had tweeted him.  In April of this year I attended Richards Speakers Bootcamp, a very inspiring and empowering session. I urge you to attend one of his training sessions or listen to him speak. Take a look at Richards Bootcamp and checkout the rest of the website to see my claim to fame as I’m on one of the photographs.

Clare Wildman
I met Clare during our coaching training. She will always ask the right question, in the right way at the right time. To ensure I am growing and developing. That is not just my opinion either check out a clients opinion who calls her The Magical Woman.

Social Media
Sound  shallow? I love to read blogs, I adore the feel good stories and I really like to see the good shared around the world. It keeps me connected with people from all over the world.

Be inspired by the beauty around

Be inspired by the beauty around


Stuff grows, rivers flow and everything happens exactly as it is meant to. What could be more inspiring than that?

My Husband and My kids.

They are my reason for this.  They empower me to be exactly who I am they are the  reason that I will get this 30 day blog challenge finished so I can get my name out there and be on that stage, signing my book, inspiring all those women just like Larry, Amanda, Richard and so many others.

Day Three

Your seeds for the day. Download the worksheet

Think about who and what inspires and empowers you. Do you need to find motivation?
Where could you get this from?

Read or watch something that inspires you and pop the link in the comments.
Share the inspiration.
See you tomorrow for Day 4

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