Set your intention - Take command  of your Space Ship

Set your intention – Take command of your Space Ship

Ta Dah

You have reached day 7 of the 7 days of Empowerment. But please don’t think yep done it sorted I’m now Empowered.

Actually you always have been empowered (shocker) you just haven’t always used your empowerment muscle.

Like exercise if you don’t work it and use it you will get flabby, tired and weak keeping you in the stagnant zone.

Today is all about consolidation and finding a way of keeping everything ticking along nicely, to keep your life empowered.

Have you ever seen Star Trek?

The Next Generation. Cpt Jean-Luc Pickard (silent swoon) He would set the destination by instructing the crew and then utter the command

“Make it so”

Image from May the Thoughts Be With You.

Image from May the Thoughts Be With You.

That my friends is what you are going to do from today.  I’ll admit it does take some getting used to but if you work it and get yourself into the routine, then living with intent is a fun and exciting way to live.
You have the choice.

You are the commander of your space ship.

Your ego or your mind makes the choices and decisions then it commands the subconscious, unconscious, or soul. (What ever you want to call it) to carry out its command.

For example-  tell your subconscious its gonna be a tough day today. I’ve got errands to run, the kids will play up they always do when I am under pressure, There is no milk and I just know it will rain later.  That is setting yourself up for a bit of a stressful rubbish day. You aren’t mystic meg you have just commanded your crew to carry out your wishes.


However if you flip the negativity and switch it to positivity, you could command something like this.

So, there are errands to run today and the kids are with me. We may be stuck in the car all day and it looks like rain but we can have the radio on and sing along, have a picnic in the car and when I’ve finished then we can go home and watch family movies snuggled on the sofa. Sound better?

Same day. Different attitude and a more positive command from commander to crew.

That’s fine. We all know about positive self-talk don’t we? Yes we do and it’s easier said than done of course. But if you stack the odds in your favour and get into a routine then you are more likely to be able to keep up the empowerment.

Here is my suggestion for a more empowered life.


Yes just 15 minutes to empower your day.

Set your alarm 15 minutes earlier than usual, use that time to set the intention for the day. See it as a briefing. Commander giving the crew instructions for the day ahead.

Navigating the day before it has even started.

Spend that 15 minutes going through what you have planned for the day and check your internal dialogue. If you are giving it a negative slant. Flip it over and think of positives that will go with the actions to be carried out.

In her report Mind over Muscle the Power of Visualisation Dr Sarah McKay Phd states that visualising the activity prior to action has a positive effect on performance. This has been proven in many sports arenas and sports stars across the globe use visualisation prior to taking part in their chosen field. This is evident at the start line of any major sporting event as the stars are in the “zone”.  There is more information relating to Dr McKays findings here with her work in the recovery after stroke show that visualisation techniques switch on the receptors in the brain aiding recovery so why not use those tools in every day life?

Here is your final worksheet for the 7 days of empowerment.

After you have completed your gratitude’s for the day you will have a whole weeks’ worth of gratefulness, have a read of them and see the abundance you have in your life.

Then take some time and plan your day ahead you can use the reverse of your worksheet if you would prefer to write down the commands to the crew.

7 Day days of Empowerment?

Make It So.

Think you may need some clarity on making it so or fully empowering your life? Pull up a chair grab a coffee and lets have a chat. I offer a complimentary empowerment skype session for people just like you.

If you have enjoyed the 7 Days of Empowement blog then please leave a comment below and let me know your findings. Feel free to share this blog and course with those whom you think may benefit.

Check out the lovely work of Charlotte from May the Thoughts Be With You here.





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