Day one Starts Here
Day one Starts Here


Well hello there.

Welcome to the 7 days of Empowerment.

7 Days to help you empower your life for it to be whatever you want it to be for those 7 days and beyond if you choose.
Here we are at the start of our journey together.
Have you got your pen and journal ready or the document open? Good we shall begin.

These 7 days will offer inspiration to help you empower your life. There will be a daily activity or two or maybe even three. I will keep you on your toes.

Think of yourself as a gardener and the activities as seeds. To see the growth you have to pay them some attention.

They will need nurturing, instructions will have to be read to see how to care for them, they will need attention to help them develop. But if the right amount of attention is paid the results will be beautiful and in some cases almost unbelievable.


Gratitude is an amazing powerhouse. If allowed to develop and nurtured over a period of time it becomes such a thing of beauty and will flourish in all conditions. It can assist through times of stress, worry and when life throws a curve ball. Some people are naturally happy and grateful but don’t worry it’s a skill that can be nurtured and developed. I have seen people who are pessimistic become lighter, brighter and overall much happier by practicing daily gratitude’s. There is a shift in emotions and physiology when gratitude is practiced on a regular basis. You will become more accepting, content, and see your world as it is meant to be seen.

Have you seen the British Gas advert where everyone resides on their own world?  For the next 7 days only be concerned with your world and the effects every action has on your world. I’m not saying don’t interact with others and their worlds but your concern is for you and your world. It is time to become the centre of your world.  In order to let the inside out you have to be comfortable within your world.  As a guideline for the next 7 days ensure you are paying attention to your inner thoughts and feelings.  There is a saying that what anyone thinks of you is none of your business. True.

The daily seeds of gratitude work by shifting the focus back into your world.  As an example you may decide that one of your gratitudes for the day is that you have a fantastic job and don’t mind working through your breaks.  You colleague may have the opposite thoughts and throughout the day may moan and groan. Don’t let them bring you down.  Say either out loud or in your head. In my world I am grateful that I have a job and it’s a job that I love it pays me, well I have xxx benefits and I really like the fact that xxx. Keep stoking up the gratitude throughout the day.

Todays activity and every day during the days is to practice gratitude and discover an appreciation in your world.

What are you grateful for

What are you grateful for

This may be challenging at first if it is something you are not used to. Go with the flow. Your gratitudes can be big or small there is no right or wrong thing to be grateful for.

I recall a client that was worried about starting the daily gratitudes as she struggled to find things to be grateful for. She had no idea where to start and felt very low about this.  We started by the simple things. She had woken up that morning. She had a bed to sleep in. she had lots of support from friends and family. She had physical health. There was food in the cupboard and a means of cooking it.  If you struggle, start with the things you take for granted.


Todays Seeds

At the start of the day.

  • Get our your journal.
  • List 10 things you are thankful for in your life.
  • I am grateful to have xx in my life, it brings me xx by xx
  • Be mindful of your list throughout the day and if something or someone is on your list and it pops to the fore. Say thank you to them either out loud or in your head.
  • Enjoy the vibrations as they are sent out throughout your world lifts your energy levels.


At the end of the Day

  • Give yourself a Pat on the Back.
  • Use the Power of Three think of three things that you are pleased with from the day.
  • Recall those things and give yourself praise or thanks for the events.


These two seeds of action are the ones that need to be nurtured every single day and repeated. you can download a document to remind you and help keep you on track here.
There are your seeds to plant and nurture every day. Enjoy. .

Check in tomorrow for day 2 of 7 Days of Empowerment.  We will crank it up a gear.

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See you tomorrow

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