Take Pride in your Achievements

Take Pride in your Achievements

Yesterday was all about loving and embracing your perfect imperfections.  To empower your inner voice.

Today is all about celebrating your moments of pride.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating your achievements and being proud of a gift or talent you have, or something you have worked hard for.
But there are many negative emotions served with pride.


Erm no wrong wrong wrong.

Pride comes after an achievement, it’s a celebration it releases endorphins the happy hormone and it makes you feel good.

In yesterdays post we talked about how we encourage children to do their best, to learn and to make progress. When a child says their first word, stands, walks or any milestone we celebrate with them. We cheer clap and give them the biggest smile.  They release endorphins as do we. They celebrate along with you. That emotion they feel? It is pride and they like it, so they try more new things celebrate more and feel more pride.

At what point does that pride, that celebration turn into

  • Guilt
  • Stress
  • Worthlessness?

I really have no idea when pride turns to shame – Shame of success.

You will remember me saying a big influence on my personal development is Amanda Gore. I recall seeing her at a conference and she said we should all celebrate our Ta Dah’s.

Celebrate it ALL – The little and the big things.

  • Reached that deadline Ta Dah!
  • Survived the school Holidays Ta Dah!
  • Created a wonderful Blog Ta Dah!
  • Learnt a new Skill Ta Dah!
  • Didn’t break down today Ta Dah!

Every single day find something to celebrate Heck why not find lots of things to celebrate? If you don’t want to shout it from the roof tops, then do a silent Ta Dah pat yourself on the back, do a little dance, just let your inner self know you are pleased. The important thing to do is to acknowledge that you rock at that whatever that may be.

The activity for today is to grab your journal and write down an account of your life recording the things you have done that you have felt pride for. Eg passing exams, driving test, marriage, kids, jobs, training, voluntary work.

The list is endless and the list is yours.

Spend some quality time on this and celebrate each achievement with pride.  You could even use the opportunity to look back on some not so favourable times and take pride in the fact that you got out the other side.

Here is Day Four worksheet and some inspiring feel good music.

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