Ask the Question Await the Answer

Ask the Question Await the Answer

Day 2

How can you cope when life throws a curve ball?

Answer the best you possibly can.

We all have issues; challenges, bad luck, and sometimes we just feel like throwing the doll out of the pram.

I don’t have a magic wand but I have some suggestions and support that have helped me and many others to realise that nothing is permanent unless you allow it to be and even then it is only permanent in your world.

Day two is all about living in the moment and not getting too tied down with the thought of yesterday and tomorrow.

The Five principles of Reiki start with the statement Just for Today.  This demonstrates that each day is a new day and therefore a new beginning. Promoting the fact you should live in the moment. You will also be familiar with Carpe Diem or the less romantic YOLO.  Both statements accurate; You do indeed only live once and we should seize the day.

Seeds for Today worksheet for Day 2.

Repeat Day one Seeds of Gratitude and use the power of 3.

Throughout the day repeat the phrase

How does it get better than this?

Simply by asking the question you are switching on your peripheral vision. In simple terms this is sending a signal to your brain to look out for answers.  It’s the Law of Attraction folks but not the fluffy visualise and it will happen it’s the lets do some work and look for opportunities type.  (Tune in for fluff later in the week)

Peripheral Vision

An example is the Yellow car theory. Set the intention of seeing a yellow car, Guarantee the next time you go out on the road you will see if not one but numerous yellow cars. They were there before but you just didn’t notice them. You simply switched on the yellow car switch in your brain.

Ask the Question How does it get better than this? You are simply switching your brain on to look for opportunities.

  • If things are going bad asking the question will look for improvements.
  • If things are going OK Why not ask and see if things get better?
  • If things are fantastic, Reach for the stars!

During the course of the day in various situations Ask the Question How does it get better than this?  Observe and see how things improve, the ideas you will receive and make note of the inspirations for improvements.


Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem

Also remind yourself that Just for today, you will take the day for what it is.
A day.

No stressing about tomorrow, yesterday or anytime. Because if stress or worry slips in there just Ask the question.

I would love to know your thoughts on day two. Please leave a comment or if you have any questions just get in contact.



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